What Will Your Post COVID-19 Life Look Like? Podcast Ep 17


We are all hearing so so so much about COVID-19, so it can be a sensory overload and it can be extremely overwhelming! As some of you may know, I usually run an extremely busy and fast paced life, and I truly felt that I liked it that way and that doing all of the things was good for me. I would usually be rushing to leave the house by 8am, drop the kids to school and then race to the office to run a very busy law practise on the Gold Coast, while usually editing my new cookbook (that will be released any day now) and then back home to cook dinner! That is just the tiniest snippet into my basic day, however I didn’t see that anything was wrong with it.  

If you are thinking that you can relate to what I have just said, you probably see where I am going with this, as now I am not doing half of those things my life has truly changed and holted… which I am absolutely loving. I now have time to sit with my kids and eat breakfast, I have time to walk the extra 3km in the morning, I have time to BREATHE!

I completely understand this time is only for a certain period, however it has taught me that I don’t need to be running at 100km an hour all day every day, it actually wasn’t fully serving me. So, I come to look at this time, and think actually this time isn’t overwhelming for me, it is quite the opposite. My day-to-day life is what was actually overwhelming which has left me with an image of how I want to come out of this quarantine time, and refresh my life.  

I want to be able to slow down and cherish the little moments, be with the people I love and doing what I actually love. Don’t be afraid to say no, there is actually an amazing book by Sarah Night that I will link here, all about how to live your best life and don’t do the things you don’t believe is serving you (No, I do not mean the washing, that you still have to do lol.) So, 5 weeks since I first started quarantine, I am starting to understand and process the new normal which leads me to the recording of this podcast, change doesn’t come easy and neither does consistency however, slowing down the pace of your life can benefit you later.  

Focusing on the negatives? Read this.

It sucks. Cancelling weddings, holidays, baby showers and really important birthdays can be really easy to sink into and feel so sad. However, it is so important to try to look deeply into the silver linings. I know they may be really small, but switching your mind from looking at the overall negative and instead trying to find that one glimmer of light is so important. Perhaps you are saving money, taking this time to eat super well, taking time to organise or your life or even just having the time to truly be calm and rest.  

The world is actually rejuvenating, we have all seen the little videos on Facebook of certain countries that had a high level of air pollution completely clearing up and as crazy as that sounds, that can happen to ourselves as well. We can clear the fog! This doesn’t mean working out 7X a week, this could be as simple as tackling the linen cupboard which has been on your mind for months (in my case years…) or even clearing up relationships, your business and also your own mind. All of these things will really help you in your post Covid life, yes that will happen!  

I have got so much time now, that pre-Covid, I never thought I had. So, whilst in this pandemic it is a really good time to reflect on how our lives have improved during this time. If you are someone who like me, has been living an unsustainable, super-fast paced life with all of the things on the go to identify different opportunities before you that you can take into your future. Paint a picture of how you actually want life to look for you when this is all over and how can we maintain the new ways we have been living in our lives that are much more productive and nourishing,  

This change of perspective has given me a huge insight into my pre-Covid days that has made me see how I was rushing through life and the things I want to be doing in my future life are going to serve me so much more.  

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