The Real Purpose Behind Nourishing You


Well hello! I am so excited you are here reading this, as I have been dying to make this post and now I can!

I really wanted to take the time to give a background and explain the real motivation behind my brand spanking new book, Nourishing You!

Nourishing You, wasn’t always a book that I wanted to write, in fact I thought the title of ‘Author of 2 Best Selling Cooking books’ was enough. But, life happens and this became an important topic that I had to write about.

Over the years, I have been very public about my realisation of the quality real foods has on our bodies long and short term. All my recipes are refined sugar, gluten and dairy free, as I believe that the foods we consume should be simple, wholesome and nutritious.  Not just for the body, but also the mind and soul.

I often get asked, how do I juggle running a law firm, being an author, podcaster, a mum of 3, and a wife, to which I sometimes struggled to answer the question because it all happens for me fairly easily.

But the truth is, that when you are well in mind, body and spirit, success comes much more easily. Fueling my body with real food, my mind with positive information and a growth mindset as well as ensuring my cup is full, is how I run my lifestyle. I know how corny it really does sound but putting crappy fuel in a run down car is never going to make it go any faster – it is EXACTLY the same situation with the way that we operate as human’s.

I have found nutrient dense food for the body is amazing,  however, you can have the best seeds in the garden yet without sunlight, they shall not grow. This is where I came to the realisation of just how important the sacred practice of filling your cup is and is also what we need to fully flourish. 

This is where my first chapter of the book sprung to mind. I want Nourishing You to be your  guide to living your best life. In order for this to do so I added in the first, second and third sections of the book all about how to nourish the mind.

These sections of the book dive into topics such as:

  • What does ‘Nourishing You; mean?
  • Nourishing your brain and mind;
  • Nourishing your emotions;
  • Nourishing your body; and
  • Nourishing your spirit.

Now this is just the first section on the mental nourishment that is within the book, and I could go on all day about how these thoughts have changed my life and the people around me as well.

Another mindset we have is often that, living well is confusing and there is a huge stigma that to be able to live well and eat healthy costs a fortune which was another aspect that I wanted to absolutely burn, squish and dissolve. The recipes in this book are simple whole foods that you can pick up at your weekly markets for under $3.00. The book does not contain any supplements or expensive, fancy extras either… I’ve got you!

We are stripping back to the basics and you won’t be mad about it I promise!

I also wanted this book to be friendly. I didn’t want this cookbook to be one that you picked up, looked at the recipes and thought shit no, I could never! I wanted it to be a book that gets messy, raspberries smudged into the cover and I wanted the kids to be able to be left alone for 10 minutes to make a chia pudding without the fear your kitchen could be demolished.

The majority of the recipes require 5-10 recipes, completely free of nasties and the average cooking time takes 5-25 minutes. 

So there we go, I could go on about this gorgeous book all day, but I won’t, you can buy a copy and see for yourself.

To hear further about the recipes, I have recorded a podcast this week all about the book. Click here if you are interested in listening!

Also! If you are interested in purchasing the book it is available on my website under the books tab. If you would prefer to buy it person, it is available to all from all leading book stores online and in person, in both NZ and Australia.

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