The Importance of Wellness in Leadership with Midja Fisher – Podcast Ep 11

Podcast with Midja Fisher
This week Caralee speaks with lawyer and leadership expert Midja Fisher on the importance of wellness in leadership and leading by example.
Midja has spent 20+ years in the corporate world as a legal partner of an ASX listed national law firm and as a learning and development specialist. And has since transitioned out on her own as a leadership and confidence expert.
As a speaker, corporate facilitator and mentor in leadership, Midja helps many people succeed in their roles. She is also the author of two amazing books Confidence, how to be your most authentic courageous and unshakable self and Great Lawyer to Great Leader.
She is also outrageously energetic and funny! Midja is not your usual, boring lawyer type, she has infectious energy, enthusiasm and optimism, coupled with extensive corporate leadership experience.
Tune in to listen to Midja and Caralee speak about why good leadership is important, whether leading at home, work or in your business to put your own wellness first, healthy habits and what makes a good leader great!
For more information or to contact Midja you can find her over at 
and to listen to our conversation, click here


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