The divorce lawyer who broke up with bad food – Nine To Noon radio segment

I was super excited to be invited for a segment on the Nine To Noon radio this week in New Zealand. I feel super excited to have people wanting to hear my journey and I am so passionate about getting my message to the people from all around as I do believe it is vital!

I shared my journey on health food and what actually switched my brain to feel that my body deserved more than food that was manufactured within factories, and foods that had expiry dates way into the future. I just stripped it all back to the basics and that is where my cookbooks came about!

I will add a bit out of the article below, however if you would like to listen and read the full article please click here! 

“When I found real food and committed to eating real food it absolutely changed my life,” she told Nine to Noon.

The turning point was that Thailand holiday.

“We had been eating a lot of processed food and they [her children] were eating a lot of processed food. I raised these kids on chicken nuggets and little red sausages and things because it was easy, and I was busy and that’s what we did.

“I just used that trip to Thailand, and it was for one month, as a bit of a breaking point to try and get everyone on track with eating healthy food.”

After a month of eating “real food” she noticed a dramatic difference in her own health, she says..

“I was actually really surprised with how incredible I felt after a month of eating what is really just real food.”

But after returning to Australia she slipped back into old habits.”


To find out how I completely changed my life, read the article and listen to the radio segment. It is truly not as hard as you may think!

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