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As an author of two best selling real food cookbooks, the Real Food Pledge and Real Food every day and it was after I discovered the benefits of real food and the almost instant changes I had seen in my body, health, and skin.

You do not suffer from eating real food, there are no downsides to eating real food, there are only upsides. There are so many processed options out there, so we just eat what’s easiest – processed food, often not even thinking twice! We have never really been able to give our bodies the opportunities to live without processed foods

You may feel like there are no side effects by eating processed food, however, it is not until you stop eating processed food that you begin to absolutely flourish and your body begins to work as it should through the correct nutrients.

It can be hard to give up processed foods as often the best foods are processed! However, in order to change your mindset, you need to have the drive to want to change yourself. This will be a commitment. For me, what gave me the drive was when I was in Thailand with my three kids, and all we ate was wholesome foods, fruits vegetables, fish and meat – nothing was from a factory and there wasn’t a McDonald’s insight!  I didn’t eat anything but these amazing foods, and issues I didn’t know I was having, completely vanished and I felt the best I had ever felt. However, the second I returned, I lost those habits because they were no longer the only option and slowly, I went on a downfall straight back into where I was before the trip.

Not only did this change my perspective on food, but it made me want to spread the word if you will and help other people discover nature’s natural remedies for us. There so many people out there that come to me and that they didn’t know they had these

The top benefits that I have found from eating real food and how it has changed my life

  1. Overall feeling amazing inside and out.

I can honestly say that since quitting processed foods I fell the best I have ever felt in my life. My head can think clearer, my skin is glowing, I don’t get bloated and I am far more energized now than I have ever been. Once you get through the week of constant sugar cravings and the odd headache, you will feel amazing and it only takes about one week.

  1. I sleep like a baby!

When my head hits the pillow, I am out like a light – every, single night! Now this is a lot to do with eating real food. There are also other steps I take to have these amazing sleeps, like not checking my emails before bed, and other external things like that before bed. I wake up happy, light and refreshed every day. In the past I would wake up so groggy, sluggish and that really heavy feeling of ‘Ugh, I need more sleep.’ Now with eating real food, I feel the complete opposite which is exactly what my busy lifestyle requires of me!

  1. My skin looks amazing

I am honestly so happy with my skin; it is glowing and gorgeous all the time. This is a lot to do with all the amazing real food I eat, and the nutrients really doing the right job of nourishing me. The reason your skin glows is because the vitamins and minerals that eventually show through the largest organ on your body – your skin!  If you want to have great food, feeding your body with the correct ingredients and letting your body flourish from the inside out is honestly the most wholesome way to do it.

  1. I lost weight very easily

I lost weight so much easier eating real food than any diet I have ever tried. I never need to calorie count or restrict my food intake; I just eat real food whenever I want. However, don’t get caught up in the real food treats phase where they are marketed as a healthy alternative, they are hidden with many more calories! Initially I started my real food journey with the idea of losing weight, so I kept the foods I ate very clean and very simple. This was so effective for me personally, and everyone around me who tried it too.

  1. My taste buds are supercharged

So, on that note, I have found that my taste buds are supercharged. For instance, I find that my taste buds are so excited by real food, When I eat real food I find that my taste buds are really excited, the fruit is sweet, meat is juicy, eggs are creamy and seafood is delicate. I now take time to appreciate these wholesome foods. Processed food has been designed to give you an instant satisfaction, then you forget about it once it is gone. To be eating real food will make your body feel like its being nourished rather than just quickly filled with whatever you can quickly grab and go.

  1. I am the healthiest I have ever been

Natural foods are simply full of nutrients, vitamins, and minerals that are of huge benefit to us. When we are eating lots of processed food, like bread, pasta, pastries and things like that we are eating a lot of nutrient-void foods. When we are eating real food, everything we eat has a benefit and supporting nutrients, which is why you will be the healthiest you’ve ever been if you cut the processed foods! So, flu season? What flu season!? I don’t get the flue because I am supercharged and full of the correct nutrients ever, single-day which really does help.

Think about what you have eaten in the last 24 hours and think about where most of your nutrients have been coming from and what that will be helping within your body. Have you eaten the fruit, vegetables, what protein have you eaten? Keep it simple, what have you been nourishing your body with?

  1. My kids have learned healthy choices

I haven’t imposed my 100% processed food free diet upon them, they have just simply watched, and learned. I allow the kids to make choices around foods and often I find they follow in my exact footsteps.

As a general rule in the family home is that I don’t buy anything that is packaged and processed, however I also allow them to have treats if they go to a birthday party, or allow them to have a weekend snack that I wouldn’t encourage all the time.  As a side note, I have become super conscious about what I am throwing away and how much waste I am using, but eating real food very rarely comes in lots of unnecessary packaging.

It is a constant journey, and teaching kids how to enjoy real food and the benefits that come along with them.

  1. I have a happy tummy

I really used to struggle with my gut health, and I used to think it was very normal to have tummy aches, have hot and cold sweats, gas, bloating, cramps, long periods in the bathroom etc. I used to just think to have this awfully uncomfortable feeling in my tummy was normal every day, I didn’t realize that I was suffering a side effect of eating processed foods. So now that I eat only real food, I have a very stable and consistent tummy and I am always feeling amazing from the inside. Now if I do eat processed foods, I absolutely know about it – straight away in my tummy.

So, if you are someone who often has a gurgly and sore tummy, have a think about what you are eating and start to experiment with what you are eating to see how you feel. Otherwise, if this feeling does continue after the diet amendment, I encourage you to seek professional advice.

  1. I am no longer a crazy sugar craving woman!

I used to be MAD about sugar, I could not let chocolate, lollies, cakes or biscuits sit in the house – because I would devour it. I would crave sugar all the time, but I would absolutely crave a sweet, sugary hit straight after dinner, which is common (right?!) I would go on an absolute hunt to find something sweet after dinner, in cupboards, or in the fridge, it was a dangerous time to be a piece of chocolate!

To be free of sugar cravings and to not feel as though I am on a massive hunt for sugar is a benefit I thoroughly enjoy. The reason that this happens, is that if you are addicted to sugar, well then, that sugar feeds sugar and it is an absolute nasty filled cycle. Personally, what I had to do was one day just completely cut it out – and yes, that first week is hard but here I am years down the track and I can tell you I do not crave sugar at all, ever anymore. With that being said, I now have the control the have a little bit of sugar here and there, however, I don’t have an uncontrollable cycle that I follow anymore. This can happen occasionally but remember that the more sugar you have the more that craving will creep back into your life.

  1. I thoroughly enjoy incredible food – all the time!

Giving yourself the time to live without processed foods means that you get the benefit of amazing, fresh and vibrant food! I look forward to meals as it is exciting as to which flavors I will have next, and then the benefits afterward are the most rewarding part. Also, you will never have a feeling of guilt! There is nothing worse than being on a rollercoaster diet and then feeling super guilty when you eat food that you shouldn’t have eaten that! So, it is a huge benefit to enjoy food, loving what you eat and feeling amazing after eating it!

Real food to me, is quite different from what other people think it is. I am talking about real food from nature, I am not necessarily talking about plant-based, I am just talking about real food that is grown by nature. We 100% need to be eating more vegetables, and when eating whole foods, you will find that you do go more plant-based without even knowing it! Real Food is so incredible for your mind and your brain. You will not get that feeling of brain fog and implements a happy and energized.

Give it a try! If you would love to join me on my next Real Food Reset, click here! 

This is a personalized plan where I help you to cut out processed foods, and I support you the whole way through your journey so that you can benefit from real food for yourself.

Have the best day!

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