Self-Love A Key In Ingredient to better health

It can be discouraging and frustrating when you have health goals and you have been working so hard, but it feels like you never get there. I know the feeling as over the years I have had many frustrations, especially around weight loss.

During the Real Food Pledge Challenge, we take a deep dive into the other three other areas that can help you shift closer to your health goals other then just what food you eat, these are:

  1. patience
  2. self-love
  3. taking positive action

Ignoring these mindset shifts can leave you feeling trapped in a yo-yo for years. In a previous post we chatted about patience, you can read more about here.

In this post, lets talk about the importance of self-love, what it means in relation to food and how you can achieve it.

Self-Love Talk

For many years I used to see the extra weight I carried as such a negative thing, I would look in the mirror or see a photo of myself and criticise and hate everything about me. This is a horrible way to treat yourself, you wouldn’t treat someone else this way, yet we so unapologetically harsh on ourselves.

I used to visualise cutting the fat off my body, then I would go on a punishing diet which was unsustainable, then I would gain weight again and so the cycle continued…. For years! Hands up if you can relate.

This is a cycle that seems to get you know where, maybe you are still in this place.

That mindset only brought me shame, disgust and self-loathing.

It is so counter-productive to be in this mindset and it doesn’t help you to reach your health goals.

Learning to love yourself and your body as you are right now, as you are today, this is what will help you reach your goals.

Plus, you will also be much happier on the journey. It is a practice and it is hard work at first to change up that mindset. But it is totally doable and it will lead to a happier, brighter version of yourself.

Make the commitment to yourself to love all the parts of you, even if you don’t necessarily like them. Love your tummy that carried your babies, your legs that carry you around and your tuck shop arms that help your lift things.

Learn to love the inner fat girl that tells you are not good enough. Love her to death so until she no longer has control over your mindset. You are good enough, even if you carry a little extra weight, we are all good enough as we are.

Celebrate that you are alive and healthy enough to be able to  make changes in your mind, heart and body. Celebrate that you have the knowledge and resources you need to make positive changes. If you are here reading this you are already doing amazing things.

Patience along with self-love are two of the mindsets that will help you to move along on your health journey.  We will talk lots about this and deep dive into this topic on the next Real Food Pledge Challenge, starting soon. Go on the waiting list here.

Love yourself, like you love the people around you.


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