Overcoming Fears Of Being Seen Online

Do you ever hesitate to put yourself out there, because you feel like you just don’t know enough or that you may say the wrong thing and be judged?

The truth is that the majority of people feel the same way, it is hard to put yourself out in front of the world.

You know that you need to be visible and that you’re meant for more, plus you have this huge desire to make an impact in people’s lives – but you find yourself at a standstill, because you’re afraid to put your content out.

That’s EXACTLY what my new Unstoppable Brand Formula member Jessica Howe has been struggling with – and what I help her overcome on a training call that I had with her this week.

Jess is a financial planner and she helps women overcome the fear of making a financial plan, so they can be in control of their futures, no matter what life brings them. What an empowering service!

She’s been wanting to get more clients but she really struggles with marketing her brand and putting her client attracting content out on the web.

Her biggest fear was that she would be judged or look silly by publishing her knowledge, plus she was also confused about what information she should put out to build her brand.

The last thing that she wanted was to look silly, in such a public space.

This is just another version of impostor syndrome, right?

But the fact of the matter is, the longer you HIDE behind your self-doubt and lack of belief, the more that people that need you and your services, continue to struggle in their lives without your help.

For Jess, the longer she left her content sitting in her Dropbox, the longer her ideal clients would procrastinate on THEIR financial freedom too!

I get it, trust me, I have been there, its scary being seen and making yourself vulnerable.

But isn’t it more important for you to focus on helping others, rather than what people might think of you.

Anyone that judges you, they are not your ideal client anyway!

We’ve had SO many amazing wins inside the Unstoppable Brand Formula community this month! If you would love to know when it opens again, go on the wait list here to be the first to know.

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