My Balance Project Auckland Event

I was so fortunate to be invited by Justine from My Balance Project to speak at her Auckland event. What a night!

For a start there were 50 incredible ladies there, a grazing table to die for and the most gorgeous set up at Pocket Bar in Grey Lynn. It was so lovely for me to be on home turf in New Zealand and surrounded by a genuinely nice bunch of kiwi women.

The evening was based around having real conversation about self-love, embracing ourselves and our bodies for what they are and that no one is perfect on their journey to being the best version of themselves. We are all learning as we go at this thing called life.

Meg from The Edge spoke about her journey and how she had come from a place where she was making her self sick with eating disorders to now a in a place where she is ‘body neutral’ and comfortable with who she is and happy to post images on herself in her togs on the beach. Her message of self acceptance and having mental wellness is a very powerful one for anyone who struggles in this area.

Justine shared her story of always being someone that struggles with weight, yo-yo dieting and accepting her body to someone who now has a very healthy and doable approach to weight loss and loving the journey.

I spoke about Real Food Pledge and my journey of life before and after choosing a real food lifestyle.

For me I was the girl that had tried every single diet under the sun. I would lose weight and then put it back on, then repeat! I thought that all I had to do was look at a pie and I would put on weight. I had a love, hate relationship with food and most of the time I hated my body. I also suffered from tummy aches, low energy levels and generally feeling gross all the time.

Then in 2012 I went to Thailand for four weeks and only ate Thai food which consisted of vegetables, fruit and meats. By the time I got home, I felt amazing, full of energy, lighter and like I was walking on air.

I decided to keep going and after a time started blogging right here on Real Food Pledge. I loved to cook and convert my old favorite recipes to real food versions. I have learnt to love food again because now I know how to use it to my benefit and not to my determent. I shared with the audience, how I now have a love of food and for my body, because when I honor my body with real food, it honors me back with good health.

All of the guest were given incredible gift bags, full of amazing products and there was an glorious selection of nibbles and drinks as. If you ever get the chance to go to a My Balance Project event, don’t miss it!

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