Meet Peppy the Puppy

We have had an super cute, fluffy addition to our family recently. Say hi to Peppy! Peppy is a female Labradoole puppy and she is a bunch of cuteness. She is a miniature version, so I am hoping that she is not any larger that 10kg. She is only 5 months old and still has some more growing to do, her paws are huge!


She is super cute and cuddly but she is also very naughty! She chews everything in her reach. We can’t leave any Christmas presents under the tree this year, because she will open them all and then destroy the contents! Puppy school here we come!

We called her Peppy because she is like salt and pepper with her gorgeous black and white colouring. She really suits her name.

We all love her, until she chews something precious! But she is too special to stay mad with for long. Pets bring a special something to the house, it is lovely to have her in our lives.


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