How To Manage Your Firm’s Reputation and Building Trust On Instagram

I was excited to recently be mentioned in a Lawyers Marketing article on 3 Tips For Managing Your Firm’s Reputation and Building Trust On Instagram.

This article chats all about how to remain fresh and in the game when it comes to law firm marketing as it can easily slip into the boring, dark and old category!

When you are in business, no matter what it is (even law) it is so important to create a visually pleasing social media that reflects who you are as a brand and that you remain updated, fresh and consistent.

It is also important that you respond the DM’s, comments, follows and sometimes even likes.


The article states the below:

“To maintain a clean, homogeneous look across your profile pay attention to the images you post. Make sure they have a similar aesthetic and steer clear of filters and stock photos. Instead, focus on high-quality images that portray your firm’s authenticity. Give your followers a glimpse behind the scenes of your firm and share your personality, interests and community involvement. Follow the example of Caralee Fontenele who maintains a visually appealing and consistent look throughout her Instagram page.”

If you would like three insider tips on how to manage your reputation and how to build trust on Instagram, please click the link here!


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