In life and business, what are the positives we can learn from Covid-19? – Podcast Episode 20

For many of us, life looks very different now compared to a month or two ago. As a lawyer running a busy law practice, author with my third book Nourishing You about to be released and mother of three, my life prior to the crisis, was hectic as I juggled all the things. I liked it that way, or so I thought.

During Covid19 like so many others, I have been forced to stay home, slow down and live life at a very different pace. I must say, a much slower, calmer pace.

Now as we settle into a new normal and as life is starting to gain momentum again, I have spent time identifying new opportunities presented by the coronavirus pandemic and the fundamentals of how I am going to move my life forward.

This is the perfect opportunity to push reset on our lives

Right in the heart of the lockdown and Covid19 pandemic life as we knew it, was out of our control and at times it was difficult not to focus on the negatives. The events and trips we have had to cancel, learning to work from home, not being able to venture out, having to home-school and our everyday freedoms being taken away.

It is in my nature to regularly looking for silver linings and I am in the habit of recognising positive aspects of life. I like to focus on the upside to challenging situations rather than fixating on the downsides. This approach helps me to focus on the positive aspects that are presented by this crisis.

For me, I focused on what I could do as a leader in my business and the community and what I could learn about other ways to run my bricks and mortar business from home. At home I looked at how I was spending time as a mother and started to enjoy being one that is now here for afternoon tea each day. I found that I had more time to nurture myself and the family during this down time.

Just like the world is rejuvenating, I also think that this is a time for us to reset our lives, our relationships, our homes, our businesses and ourselves. When everything is busy and flourishing in life, we don’t take time to smell the roses, we rush from one place to another, sit in traffic to make it to appointments, grab a coffee on the go… sometimes I am so busy I can’t recall the car ride that got me home.

Whilst the current global pandemic is of course, a very difficult time for many and many are still grappling with, I encourage you too, to see what positive changes you can make in your own lives, moving forward. Our well-being depends on us embracing the change, because life is going to be different in the future.

For those that have been previously living unsustainable, unhealthy fast pace lives with family, work and business, it is crucial to identify the opportunities presented by the pandemic, as it will help paint a compelling picture of the future that encourages us all to do business and life differently. Maintaining the new ways that are less time consuming, so we can focus on the things in life that really matter.

This is equally important on the home front as we have had time to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. It is so nice to be able to go for an early morning walk without stressing about getting home to do the school and work run, to stop and have lunch together as a family and sit on the lawn in the sunshine in the middle of the day.


Before the lockdown there were so many ‘someday’ projects that needed to be done, both in the business and at home. In the business, tweaking websites, creating much needed content and forecasting the budget. At home, cleaning the garage, removing the old fence, decluttering and cleaning out those pesky corner cupboards.

This is a time to start being the business owner, parent or partner you always said you would be if you had more time. The one who gets in daily exercises, cooks healthy meals, has afternoon tea on the table and doesn’t yell at the kids as she is trying to leave the house each morning.

Not to mention all the money saved when staying home more, not buying coffees, takeaway lunches and paying for parking. The savings in my own life have been incredible.

The future, how does it look?

Like everything, this time will pass, this is a once in a lifetime event and there is nothing that any of us can do to control it, we can only control our perspectives, attitude and how we deal with it.

Maybe life in the future will be better, calmer, slower and more connected.

As we are moving into a new normal, we need to remember what we have learnt from all the of positives and take them forward into our post Covid19 lives.

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  1. Trudi says:

    Couldn’t agree more.

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