Why You Should Be Vulnerable And Share Your Stories In Business – Podcast Episode 39


Hello and happy poddy Tuesday!

This week I want to share with you how much you should be sharing with your ideal customers and your stories that took you to where you are now. Why this is so important and how it attracts your ideal clients.

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Now, onto the reasons WHY you should be vulnerable and share your stories with your audience!

So, this week what triggered this poddy was that I was scrolling on Facebook and I found a super fascinating post of a lady who shared her Tax return. This wasn’t a negative or insensitive post, instead she was explaining the facts that although taxes have a huge negative sti9gma around them, in her business she found that her business was THRIVING! It got me thinking and here we are!

In my success story, I have been through a divorce and so many times I have thought to myself, is this too much to share or should I block this side of my life out? Often when I sit in meetings with ne3w clients I have a quick thought of; “I am the professional, I shouldn’t share my personal divorce story with this client,” yet, the second I wipe that idea and share my vulnerable story – the client then feels safer as they know I understand.

What should you be sharing and what shouldn’t you be sharing when it comes to your business? 

  1. It is SUCH a powerful tool when it comes to powerful branding!
  2. Get closer with your clients and gain a relationship developed from trust and safety.
  3. Communicated stories can be the backbone of your ENTIRE marketing strategy.
  4. When you can convey a story of how you came out of the pain point, to overcoming the challenge in an amazing way – attracts your exact client far better than if you weren’t to share your story.
  5. Clients what to connect through personal transformation and ensure that they are not alone in their situation.

When you are scrolling through the internet and a post comes up for a potential service or product, what do you connect with? Do you connect with data or statistics? Or do you connect with personal stories and images that relate to them?

If you can weave stories into your business, you 100% need to – however, this requires vulnerability!

You may feel vulnerable and embarrassed about certain stories in your life, yet DO NOT let this hold you back because I can guarantee that you are not alone! Sometimes I feel embarrassed about being divorced twice or that I was a high school drop out, yet that has leaded to so many opportunities in the Family Law Firm and in my Coaching Business! 

People don’t buy from businesses, people buy from people.




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