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Hello and welcome back to a new podcast!

This week I have a follow on podcast from last weeks episode about WHY setting goals is so detrimental to your success, with this weeks podcast being HOW to set those goals!

It can be so easy to say that you need to set goals because it is detrimental to your success in life and business, however it can be easy to get overwhelmed with your goals which can lead to just leaving it all together. In my law firm we have just run through our annual reviews where I meet with each of my staff to discuss what their SMART goals for the next financial year are. I do this in June purposefully so that I can create a refresher in the middle of the year to influence change at any time of the year, not just January 1st! I have a super motivated team, and I am so looking forward to helping them through the process of achieving their goals.

When you are creating your goals, I firstly recommend that you print off my goal planner, so you can follow through this podcast (or show notes) with a visual on where you want to go and how.

Secondly, I want to talk about SMART goals and what these 5 letters each mean. A SMART goal is a criteria that your personal, work, health and mind goals need to meet as not only will this guide you to this goal, it will break it down into small chunks that you are able to tackle.

Okay, what do SMART goals stand for?

S: Specific. This means that you might need a few more goals than you first expected because unfortunately, creating Australia’s best family law firm isn’t very specific. Break. That. Shiz. Down!

M: Measurable. Your goal needs to be something that you can realistically see coming into your life. Don’t feel hesitant when I say realistically, because this doesn’t mean you have to bring your goals down a notch to be able to reach them – you don’t have to bring them down at all, you might just need to break them down a little.

A: Achievable. Now, don’t get me wrong, I believe you can achieve anything you ever put your mind to however ensure you aren’t setting yourself up for failure. If your goal is to fly to the moon by lunchtime tomorrow, probably don’t manifest that and put your heart into that decision because it is very likely for that not to happen. Don’t set yourself up for failure, the more you do this, the more you will think that setting goals sucks… which they don’t when you set them correctly!

R: Relevant. These goals need to be relevant to you and your life. Your goals are likely to be in your business or something in your life that you are familiar with, or maybe not? Maybe it is the complete opposite to what you usually do, as long as your mind is 100% in it and you crave it in every form. What are you waiting for?!

T: Time-Based. You need a timeline, you need to sit down put a time line on each and every goal you want to achieve. If they didn’t put a deadline on uni assignments, would anyone be qualified? You need to know when you want things and what is a reasonable time limit as well, don’t contradict yourself.

If you follow these steps with your big and little goals, I can guarantee you will gain progress in all of them. In my life and my business there has not been one goal that I have written down that didn’t come true. Whilst following your SMART  goal plan, it is also important to manifest and practice the law of attraction.

Manifestation is something that some people laugh at, however if you don’t tell the universe what is going to happen then who is going to back you up?

Say your goals, tell us what you want. Whisper, scream or pray for it, I can guarantee it will benefit you and how you approach your goals.


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