How Staying In Your Own Lane Leads To Success – Podcast Episode 40

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Oh well hello podcast lovers! Today When you stay in your own lane, you are looking forwards which makes reaching your goal simpler, as you are not looking side-to-side at your competition.

When you start looking side-ways, it slows you down! Your goals and purpose has nothing to do with anyone else.

So what does staying in your own lane actually mean?

  • Minding your own darn business;
  • Not worrying about what your competitors are doing, what your friends and what anyone else is doing;
  • Do not let yourself be de-railed by things that are going on in the different aspect of your life and focusing on the vision; and
  •  Do not compare to social media posts!

Soooo, how do you do that?

  1. Be In tune with your goals!

Have you written your goals d0wn? If not, how are you going to visualise your goals if you aren’t writing them down? When you have fuzzy goals, it is SO easy to get distracted and move lanes!

Write down a 5-year goals, as if they have happened already!

2. New competitors come through, often!

Staying on purpose for you is so important because the competition is constantly changing and you simply will not have time to be keeping up with the roll of different businesses.

Although your business may sell the same product, offer the same service, have the same target market – if you are thorough in your businesses goals and values, the competition diminishes.

3. Nobody is as awesome as you!

When it comes to comparing yourself it is a major form of neglecting yourself. If you are pulled over on your journey to being unstoppable and you are no longer driving in your lane – you are neglecting your purpose!

4. You have no control over anything, but your own lane! 

There is absolutely no point in wasting your time trying to control the actions of your competitors! Do not waste your time trying to keep an eye out or to stop the competition – it ain’t gonna happen! If you are in a business team, you also need to realise that you cannot stop your team from looking over at competitors.

I just have to stay on point and remain purposeful to my goals and ensure I am doing the very best I can for my team.

5. Life is not a race!

If your goals are down the end of the highway and you are going 50km per hour to get there, you are still going to reach them! If you are going 150km per hour to get there, you will also get to your goal! There are no highway police in this game! It is up to you, however you want to reach YOUR goals.

6. Other people’s accomplishments will never take away from your own..

It is amazing to be around other striving, unstoppable women and we should be able to celebrate that, they are doing super well! However, do not let this throw you off your track! This does not take away the fact that you are doing amazing as well! There are so many things going on that are just vanity metrics, we don’t get to see anything but the results! We only see what they wanna share with us! Do you see how dangerous comparisons can be!?


You will get distracted along the way! I still get distracted, so many distractions in the last month that have thrown me off for a sweet second yet the quicker you get back in your lane the better. The most vital factor to this equations is that you are mindful enough as to how you are staying in your own land, are you looking sideways and pull yourself back when you begin to derail!

It is okay to slow down or speed up, just don’t stop! 





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