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We all know how stressful life can get, and how quickly things can get a little bit… out of control!  

It’s so easy to blame things of other people or the circumstances around you. Stepping up and taking responsibility for what’s going on in your life is one of the most important things you will ever do – and one of the best.

When you own what’s happening in your life, you can really start to shape your future and create the life that you desire.  


What Does It Mean To Take Responsibility For You’re Your Life? 

Essentially, to take responsibility of your life means acknowledging the role you play in your own life – the good, the bad and the ugly!  

Rather than looking around for something or someone else to blame, you must accept that you are in charge of what is going on. 

Taking full responsibility means to actually start living your life with purpose and intention. When you do this, you will notice significant changes in your life. When you truly step into responsibility you will enjoy growth and positive changes. I have outline X areas that I feel have really improved in my own life when I fully stepped into responsibility.  



1. Achieving Goals 

When you step into responsibility in your life, one of the greatest benefits is that you can achieve your goals and start to create the life that you dream of.  

Once you stop drifting through life aimlessly and start to focus on decisions and actions that will take you closer to achieving the life that you desire.  

The thing about being successful and living well is that it is never accidental. If you spend time with successful people you will note that they take responsibility, live intentionally and on purpose.  

If you don’t have many successful people in your life, reading books or listening to podcasts by successful people is a good place to observe how they step into purpose, intention and responsibility.  

This is what it means to live a life with purpose and intention, and the result is that you will start achieving more goals than you ever did before. 


2. Stepping out with courage 

Taking responsibility of your life also helps you to become brave with your decisions and step out with courage. Taking responsibility is not the easiest path, it means that you have to face your weaknesses and look at your outcomes objectively.  

Just because you are someone who has taken responsibility doesn’t mean that you don’t experience fear. Because believe me I do, you do, we all do.  But the aim is to feel the fear, asses the risks and do it anyway.  

Chasing after your dreams and being ambitious definitely involves challenges, the risk of failing and loads of fear. 

Once you learn to forge ahead despite your fear, this is how you develop courage. In my own experience confidence and courage come as you start to take action.


On the other hand, when someone without a purpose encounters an uncomfortable decision, they are more likely to get paralyzed by fear, because there is nothing pushing them to take action in the face of fear. 

The opposite to not stepping out into courage is to live a life without purpose or intention and often when you are living in this way, you feel uncertain and out of control of the outcomes in your life. Living without a plan for your life, or not even knowing why you are doing some of the things you are doing. If you live this way, your life is in the wind and you will go where the wind takes you, giving you no certainty of any outcomes.  

Still, someone with a plan guiding their lives is likely to be less uncertain about their life than someone drifting aimlessly. 

I found that when I stepped into responsibility and into courage that I then started to live with far more intention and knew the importance of everything I did in my life and how it ties to my life long vision and purpose.  

Even when life takes an unexpected turn, when you have purpose it can be easier to pivot and be adaptable, because you know which direction you are going still.  

3. Your Wellness Becomes A Priority  

The benefits of taking responsibility for your life just about having success but of course also living well and they also extend to your health. Living a healthy life involves a lot of hard choices and requires a lot of self-discipline, but when you take responsibility for your life, this choice becomes much more obvious. It can be difficult choosing to workout instead of Netflix and chilling. Or choosing to eat veggies and fruits when you could be having a whole range of other things that you know are delicious.  

It can be easy to feel that it isn’t fair and that we can’t afford to eat all the things that we love, but the reality is that we live in a very abundant world and our bodies are not designed to consume as much as we have become accustomed too.  We each need to be responsible for ourselves in this regard.  

The thing is that when you step into responsibility, you understand that each of these decisions has an impact on your health, and therefore you are more likely to make the healthier decision. Making better choices for how we treat our bodies, not only helps us to live better now, but it also helps us to live better for longer. This is all of our own individual choices and responsibility and one that we should take seriously.  

You can’t make incredible impact or set an example to the world, if you are not well.   

4. Improve relationships!

As people, we are all are prone to making mistakes in our daily activities, interactions and conversations that we have with the people in our lives, and that is totally normal. 

Goodness knows that I have made my fair few and continue to do so!  

However, the way that we deal with this and the way that we react to the mistakes that we make has a huge influence on the quality of our relationships.  

When we step up into responsibly, we are able to create much better relationships with others in our lives.  

When people wrong others, have an error of judgement or make a mistake it is most common that people either try to lay the blame elsewhere or play dead by being ignorant to the situation. How many times in your life have you been guilty of this? It is human nature.  

For example, if you make a mistake at work, often the first thought or reaction is to hide the mistake or to blame someone else’s actions. Rather than, stepping into responsibility.  

Taking responsibility of your life means acknowledging that your actions have consequences and you are responsible for that. 

As a leader of a business and team of a law practice, stepping up in this way is hard, and sometimes we can feel that it is easier to shy away for the responsibilities.  

The thing is and I am sure that you will agree, we should be taking responsibility for our actions, acknowledge that they were hurtful to someone else, and apologize for your mistakes or lack of judgement rather that we had, rather than coming up with an excuse.  

What this shows is that you are trustworthy and a person of integrity. This leads to trust, respect and to better relationships in all aspects of your life. 

  5.Create more wealth 

I get to see a lot of peoples figures with my job as a divorce lawyer. We have to know everything about their financial position. Some people earn a ton of income, in excess of $400,000 per year. While other earn an average income of $60,000 to $100,000. In my experience of having the benefit of looking at thousands of people financial position, I can tell you that their net wealth has little to do with what they earn.  

The answer lies in their individual financial discipline and responsibility. I have seen countless people that earn huge incomes that have nothing to show for it. And countless others that have average incomes who take responsibility and invest in their futures.  

We live in a world where if you are not intentional the precious money that you earn can run through your fingers like water.  Someone who has taken full responsibility for their life, will take a hard look at their finances and make tough decisions and so no to some things so that they can create a nest egg for the future.   

I have met many people of all ages, that have nothing to show for all their hard work, not because they didn’t earn enough, but because they didn’t step into the responsibility.  

6. Make better decisions  

When we stop blaming the people and the circumstances around us, it gives us the insight that we are responsible for our own life and then we are able to make better decisions about what we are going to do with the life that we have been given.  

Life is full of decisions and they are not always easy. In fact, situations and decisions in life, that are better for our long-term success are usually the tougher option. For example, it is not easy to start a business, save for a house, ensure that our health is in check and maintain a healthy body weight.  

We have to give up things, going out with friends, not buying the avo on toast as the barefoot investor says, go without and say no to things that we want to do.  

We have to think about our long game rather than simply drifting in life and stop going for the instant gratification options. Sometimes when you step into responsibility, there is going to be short term pain for long term gain.  

When I started my business, I went for 6 years without paying myself a proper income, it was hard. But of course, I learnt a lot and today would know how to go about that in a lot more efficient way. But my point being, I had to make sacrifices as does anyone who steps up into creating a better life for themselves.  

I have found since living on purpose, that making decision become more about my goals and purpose, more so than short term gains.  

Stepping into responsibility is a massive step to living well!

When you live your life without purpose or plan, like a kite caught in wind, you are just totally dependent on that wind and where it is going to take you. Your life is in the hands of fate and your dreams and ambitions go by the way side.  

However, when you take responsibility for your life, you live life on your own terms. You make the rules and can create the life that you have always wanted. When you are deliberate, you are able to shine brighter, become unstoppable and create impact in the word.  

For me the key to living the life of my dreams has been right here with me taking full responsibility. That means the good things and the bad, it is all my responsibility. How I deal with everything, it is on me. This allows me to life one purpose and with intention.  

So just to recap for today of why magic happens when you step into responsibility you: 

  • Can achieve your goals; 
  • Step up into responsibility with courage;
  • Be a healthier version of yourself;
  • Create more wealth;
  • Improve relationships; and
  • Make better decisions! 

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