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Hello podcasters and welcome back to another episode of the Law Of Living Well!

Today’s episode is all about how having a life coach can change your life! I get asked often about the coaching experience I have had and how I have been entrepreneur since the age of around 20. I have had many coaches and they have impacted me so much, there has not been one life coach who hasn’t impacted me in a positive way.  Whatever season it has been in my life having a coach has always assisted me and it is far more accessible due to majority of the work being able to take place on the internet.

There are so many reasons as to why you may want a coach and so many purposes, however you do not need to be at a certain level to be interested in coaching.

We all know that football players, tennis players and netball players all need coaching and it has never thought about twice, yet there is a stigma around having a “life coach” why that is, but I am here to tell you just how incredibly you can benefit from getting one in your life!

There is pretty much nothing you can’t get coaching for, you can get it for divorce, voice coaching and even relationship coaching.

When I was 22 years old I went along to Brad Sugars event  in Auckland, he was from Brisbane and he was a business guru. I went to this event in Auckland and it had been my first time at a big event like that and it absolutely blew my mind. I was mesmerized by the message and ever since then I have loved going to events like that. I get all excited and excited and pumped up to take action. Anyway at the end of the session that we did in this huge, gorgeous hotel and I was so excited they offered me one on one coaching and back then his business was called ‘Action Coach,’ and from there I had an Action Coach!

I can’t remember this mans name, however I vividly remember this meeting and the things he taught me, it was life changing and totally changed the way I thought about business. I was 22 and I had no idea on how to market or data or numbers, however soon enough it started to take off and give us our start and opportunity to move to Australia.

Since then I have had various life coaches, at different stages of my life for different reasons. I have had a voice coach to help me get over my fear of public speaking, I have had a personal branding coach, I have had a leadership coach to help me grow my team, I have had an online business coach, weight loss coach and now I coach other women on how to be unstoppable. I have been involved in plenty of coaching and every single one of them have propelled my life forward. So now, I am helping to help other women propel their lives forward!

So, you can kind of think of a life coach as a personal trainer and the truth is you don’t need a personal trainer to achieve your fitness goals, but having one to help you stay on track and accountable, that way you will turn up because you don’t want to let them down. You have someone in your corner along every step, cheering you on and that is exactly the same as a life, business or anything in between coach.

It is usually a person who has been to the place your in before and will share with you the tools, strategies and pathways to help you get where you need to go in your life. This not only fast tracks us, yet it ensures we don’t fall into life’s little ditches along the way.

The investments I have made in coaching has propelled my life forward so much faster. There are so many areas of my life where I look back now and think why did I struggle so much with that for so long, I should have just got a coach!

There are so many coaches you can get, to name a few:

  • A Divorce Coach (different to a lawyer)
  • A Wellness Coach
  • A Lifestyle Coach
  • A Business Coach
  • A Voice Coach
  • A Leadership Coach
  • Sleep Coach

And so much more! I highly recommend a coach in any aspect of your life.

I truly believe that I have created the life that I have through being vulnerable to a coach and to listen to the motives I need to take off and just do it! There has never been one coach who I haven’t gained an insight from and who hasn’t helped me get to where I need to be.

The five reasons as to why I believe coaching can really help you in getting to the next level of your journey:

  1.A coach will always have your best interest at mind.

Coaches can see things that you cannot see due to being in a similar situation to you before. They know what avenue to take and how to get there whilst being non-judgmental. A coach is a firm person who is in your corner and who’s main objective is to see you succeed. Like a sounding board who provide you with actionable and truthful advice that meets you where you are at. A coach solely has your best interest in mind, they don’t have any other agenda’s unlike how it can be when you get friends or work colleagues involved.

   2. A coach does help to expand your thinking.

It can be so hard to re frame your mindsets on your own an often we are so stuck in our ways we may not even know we need to re frame. Expanding the way you think about things and change your attitude about the topics that your getting coached on. The majority of fears and limiting beliefs we have often build up most of the issues in our lives, break them down with a coach! A good coach will question your limiting beliefs that often we don’t realize we have. They have the tools to show you the way and show you your full potential.

3. A coach believes in your potential.

A coach knows how to get you where you want to go because they have been there! It can be so overwhelming, so sometimes you need someone to show you the short cuts! The journey always has more than one pathway, so get someone who will show you the best way! Your going to need to be vulnerable, be ready do be told to do uncomfortable actions because your best life is after the uncomfortable actions!

4. A coach will guide you through the shortcuts

Coaches will help you gain more positive self-awareness, it will also clarify your challenges and how to overcome the challenges in the most effective way possible. They will give you the positive methods on how to navigate your uncomfortable boundaries to help you succeed and move forward at a much faster speed. Another way the coach will help you is they will know how to move you forward in the quickest way possible due to having been there themselves and made the mistakes so you don’t have too!

5. A coach will hold you accountable!

They will walk you through some work that, truth be told, you would not be walking through if you didn’t have a coach! I know for me, there is so much I wouldn’t have done or even known what to do if I didn’t have a coach walking me through the way. They will provide you with support and tools to be able to take the action required. Some of the actions are uncomfortable and boring, which you may not want to do, but part of the support is holding you accountable by expecting you to meet them half way.

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