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This week I featured in Good Magazine NZ to talk about how to ensure your well being is an upmost priority during this crazy time of COVID-19 and living mindfully. I also to talk about my beautiful new book, Nourishing You and share one of my top 10 go-to recipes.

I also take you through step-by-step on how I believe we can make the most out of this self-isolation period, to better ourselves and come out of it the best version we can be!

I will give you a little sneak peak into the article below, however to read the full article click here. 

Also, I would like to say a huge thank you to Carolyn Enting for editing this article.



Right now, as we all are social distancing and in lockdown to stay safe, life seems to feel crazier and more stressful than usual. The effects of COVID-19 has become extremely overwhelming for many from both a health and financial perspective.

There seems to be so much uncertainty and we have little control over what is happening, so now more than ever we need to create healthy habits that will keep us mentally and physically well.

Even in our everyday lives, we are all so busy juggling our stressful lives, so in this pandemic, we need to ensure we practice the sacred act of nurturing ourselves so we can, in turn, take care of the people that we love.  

To protect our wellbeing throughout in these hard times, it is important to balance obligations and stress with thoughtful nutrition, sleep, meditation, enjoyable movement, connecting with nature, laughter and having fun. “

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