Getting The Kids Involved With Healthy Eating! A Podcast With My Daughter, Mackenzie!


Well this week, I had a very exciting BONUS podcast go live with my daughter Mackenzie!

As you may know, earlier in the week I uploaded a podcast on how to be mindful during COVID-19 and as important as that is I wanted to also lighten the mood with a cute mini podcast from a little persons perspective on healthy living!

I have tried my best to raise Kenz on a wholefood and nutrient dense diet, with little to no packaging and all home made snacks and meals.

With that being said, it is super important to not deprive children from what they want, and ultimately you can raise them however you want but one day they will decide who they want to be! Therefore, I allow Kenz 1 ‘Tuckshop Day’ at the end of each week to allow her to chose what she wants to eat and how she will feel after it. As a wellness advocate it can be super easy to just take full control and say yes to this and no to that, however I can guarantee you that if you give them the opportunity to eat the crap food and see how yucky they feel afterwards, they won’t go running back!

In the podcast we discuss a few of Mackenzie’s favorite meals for school as well as how simple and easy they can be. Smoothies and sushi come up a lot which can all be found in the recipes section of my website.

Have a listen to the podcast this week with Kenz and I to let us know what you think and feel around healthy mindsets for kids! Ask your kids the same questions and let me know what their answers are over at my instagram! 

Have the best day!

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