Female Article – Pandemic Friendly Recipe!

This week I was really excited to have an article in Female which is an online subscription full of information on women’s health, competitions, celebrity news, product reviews, entertainment, food and lifestyle.

I was super excited to have one of my gorgeous new recipes from ‘Nourishing You’ to encourage people to eat well during this pandemic.

My Raw Macadamia and Mango Flan was the face of this article and I am so glad, as it is so fresh and fun to create for the weekend, an after dinner desert or just to have to curb sweet cravings through the week.  The full recipe is on there, so print it out and stick it to the fridge!

‘As COVID-19 continues to grip our nation, we’ve hit a time full of panic buying and cupboards packed to the brim with nonperishables and staples that have left a lot of Australians dazed and confused about their food supply. 

The newest creation from two-time bestselling author, mother of 3 and lawyer Caralee Fontenele could provide some answers, her ‘Nourishing You’ cookbook offers a variety of hearty healthy meals that provide cooking direction our COVID-19 food stocks. For the overflow of ‘staples’, like bananas that will go off sooner rather than later, there are freezable banana and coconut flour pikelets, freezable salmon and dill egg muffin cups, along with quinoa sushi with canned tuna and many other freezable or canned options.

The entirety of the book will be available early May and can be pre-ordered online, this can be viewed along with a variety of recipes and tips that are housed on Caralee’s website.’

To check out the article and get an inside into my new cookbook in Female, click here!



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