Feeling The Fear and Doing it anyway! Podcast Episode 21


So this weeks podcast was super fitting due to the recent events in my life where if I was to listen to fear, absolutely nothing would have come out of it… Especially not three beautiful cookbooks!

Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is a topic that I have always been quite hesitant about but now I can say that taking my own advice was the best thing I could have done.

My main goal in life is to positively impact people and by doing that I need to step up to the plate an to be confident in all I do, for you guys and myself! My most recent fear was surrounded by my latest venture of releasing my brand new book ‘Nourishing you.’ With the release of a book, there are many aspects to get the book to be successful such as press, media, social media and TV interviews that still make my heart race, however I just have to push through the fear factor and focus on the freedom of being able to say I have done it and do it for my book! That is one factor and the other factor is for the book to actually be released and sold! What if it doesn’t sell? What if people’s expectations aren’t met? What if it doesn’t even sell?! These are all very realistic thoughts that can fog my mind, however do I let it? NO!

Do you want to get over the fear so you can do the things you love?

Fear pops into our lives in all aspects of our lives, from the little to the mighty things fear is there and manifests in ways that you may not even realize that it is there.

How to recognize fear and when it is holding you back:

What is it about fear that holds us back? Fear is a basic human emotion, it is how we are wired and believe it or not it is an important emotion to have. It signals our brain to be a bit more cautious and it creates us to be more aware about a situation.

The problem with fear is that it only sees the downfall, we can’t see the huge upside. It puts us into a state where we identify what the worst case scenario will be. It tells us to react immediately, it makes us react quickly without being able to analyse the options surrounding the topic. Think about times where you may have quickly reacted to something and instantly tells us to avoid anything new or unknown, it prefers us to stay with what is familiar to us! Instead of pushing the boundaries, fear tells us that we are content exactly where the boundaries are currently!

Fear constricts us rather than expands who we are. Follow the below strategy next time you feel fear!

  1. The first step you need to take is to recognize the fear. Create a concrete list in any given situation and talk yourself through it. tell yourself, What is the worst that can happen in this situation? For example, Nourishing You was self-published which means that all of the costs around Nourishing You have com out of my pocket.to get the book in peoples hands. To do this, I need to print the books however I do not know how many are going to sell. So my biggest fear in this situation is that I have printed too little or too many copies of the book and that nobody was going to like it. . However, I would rather be a little bit annoyed that I printed to many copies than being a angry at myself for not doing it at all!

  2. I the ask myself, can I live with that worst case scenario? Will my life go on?
  3. Create the good out of the worst case scenario! So, I am stuck with all these books in my garage and nobody wants to buy them! Well the positive to that is that I would have the best birthday gifts to give to my clients, friends and family or perhaps even donate them all to the Women’s Legal Service! So, the worst case scenario wouldn’t be as tragic as I once thought.
  4. Write out this strategy again, but the opposite way around.. The best case scenario!
  5. Meet in the middle, a happy medium!

This strategy brings you into practical thinking rather than circling around all the things in your mind that could go wrong which then restricts us from living our best lives and keeping up from making decisions. Once you have your two scenarios, meet in the middle and be happy with it! Use the below planner for when you face your next fear.

Fear controlling us is real and often we don’t recognize it as fear, we see it as other personal issues but reality is it is okay to be scared, it is normal! This is also a big reminder to support the people around you and support yourself. But feel the fear and do it anyway!

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