How do I sign up?

You simply choose the membership option you would like. There is the choice of the Free Membership where you will be asked to enter your email address and there is no payment or credit card information required. If you choose the Divorce & Separation Master Class, you will be asked for your email address, personal information and payment information.

What do I get with the Free Membership?

If you’re not sure which one is right for you, sign up as a Free Membership to start. You’ll get a free a workbook and be armed with some other helpful information to assist you. From there, they will help you decide on the course of action that works for you best.

What do I get with the Divorce & Separation Master Class?

The Divorce and Separation Master Class has been designed to assist you and arm you with loads of information specifically about separation and divorce in Australia. The information will teach you all the fundamentals that you need to know about the legal process in Australia and how to navigate through the process with or with hiring a family law solicitor. It does not provide you with individual legal advice, but rather empowers you with legal knowledge where you can learn at your own pace.

 If I sign up to the Master Class, how long do I have to be a member?

You can sign up for one month or for as long as you require. There is no lock in time frame and you can leave any time that you want.

The divorce process feels so overwhelming. Will I be able to navigate the process on my own?

The reality is, that going through divorce and separation is difficult and the process can be tricky to understand. In saying that, many people manage to navigate their own way right through to a settlement. If you armed with knowledge and new skills, you will have a great chance of being able to navigate this process. It is a process though and not usually something that gets resolved in the first month. Sometimes in can take many months to finalise your separation and divorce process. We break down each stage into manageable, bite size steps and provide strategy and support through each of the processes. If your case becomes particularly complicated or overwhelming, we advise that you retain an family law solicitor for full  representation.

How do I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your Separation and Divorce Master Class at any time by visiting the My Account page and choosing “Cancel” where the Master Class is listed.

What if I reach an agreement and require a solicitor to prepare the legal documents?

We have an experienced team of family law solicitors where we can prepare all documents for a fixed fee. If you would like to find out more about this click here.

How is Divorce different from hiring a solicitor?

Healthy Divorce Lawyer is a online learning platform, where you can learn strategies, steps and the legal process. By signing up to Healthy Divorce Lawyer, you are not hiring a lawyer. We do not do conflict checks as it is online tutorials to assist you in learning about the family law legal process, skills and strategies generally so that you have the best opportunity possible to resolve your case without the expense of retaining a lawyer or Court proceedings.

By signing up to Healthy Divorce Lawyer you will not be receiving individual and independent legal advice on this platform. The information is general and cannot be relied upon as legal advice as each circumstance is different and therefore you should seek independent legal advice about your unique circumstances.


My case is in Court, can I still use Healthy Divorce Lawyer?

Healthy Divorce Lawyer can guide you and give you basic legal knowledge which can assist you and help you to understand the family law process. It is not a substitution for having your own legal representation.  We offer loads of legal resources and tools to help you strategise your best position. If your family law matter becomes complicated and/or there is domestic violence, we recommend you consider retaining a lawyer. Throughout the Master Class, we give you guidance and signs as to when you should consider seeking full representation.

Is the Healthy Divorce Lawyer designed both parties?

Both partners can sign up, however the process is designed for individuals to empower you to get your best possible outcome.

I have another question that isn’t answered here. How can I reach you?

Feel free to email us at Please note that we are not able to provide legal advice or strategy to you directly but are happy to advise you on our process and services. If you want further legal advice we are able to provide that to you through Caldwell Family Lawyers.