Empowering and Uplifting Women with Karen Phillips – Podcast Ep 16


Karen Phillips is super well known on the Gold Coast and is super-empowered to lift other women and help other women unveil their full potential. Karen’s journey with empowering women started around 30 years ago by participating in different women’s events and is now the host of many organisation events. 

Karen Phillips is well known through a monthly event on the Gold Coast known as ‘Early Risers’ a breakfast for women who are interested in improving their business, well-being or work ethic through knowledge, communication, and networking. This happens by bringing celebrities, Australian Icons and the list goes on of astounding women, sharing their stories to truly inspire women. The event has been running for over 27-years and has always given women the opportunity to see themselves through other women’s stories and ultimately empower them to be the best they can. 

Karen began Early Risers to help others value connections, and to keep connections alive and to be vulnerable in order to be who they truly are. 

When you bring a whole bunch of like-minded women together it truly fills your cup, Early Risers is aimed to transport others into a world of safety, encouragement and happiness. 

Women work best when they see the reflection of themselves in others. 

Not only does Karen run Early Risers, however she is also the powerhouse behind Women In Business Awards! The awards started to give women the opportunity to have a profile and to create a platform to share their journey. Over 50% of businesses in Australia are led by women from education, innovation, the community sector all the way through to start ups. Therefore, the Business Awards were created to be able to give women a platform to showcase their skill sets and gain values. This programme has now developed into an annual programme through most parts of Queensland and is also very much a leadership program where we give women the opportunity to participate in masterminds and workshops in many different industries. Connecting like minded women is a seriously powerful thing. 

What makes the Women In Business Awards different is that the award isn’t won and then accomplished, rather it is won and then worked for. The women who receive this award are further motivated to be even better once they have it, rather than winning the award and putting it onto the shelf. Another aspect to the awards is that it is not a one category award, there are high school student, university student, small business awards and so on, rather than it being just a ‘Most Successful Award.’ By having an opportunity for young women, it gives them something to work for now, rather than feel as if they need to wait for when they are older and more successful. 

What happens when a woman feels valued? 

When a woman feels valued, as crazy as it sounds, but it quite literally sets them free. When women feel valued, they feel empowered to take on any task they want and to do it with power! It gives us the opportunity to be our true, valued self and when others see that person feel valued, it totally inspires another woman to feel empowered too.  

Although this is all wonderful and when women come together, there is really no stopping them. However, it would be fair to say that there are many women in the business (and non-business) world who are overly competitive, it can often be a natural thing! There are a lot of women who will say they are coming up the mountain with you however, don’t even make it halfway before they climb their own mountain!  

This is where it is so important to maintain our self-belief and our self-worth to ensure we nurture ourselves during these times! Empower yourself! Push yourself! Don’t say anything to yourself that you wouldn’t say to your best friend.  

Not only has Karen been well-known through her events, however she is also very active in the Australian Government! Karen has a strong voice in the government and is a huge advocate for women expanding their horizons and just giving it a shot! 

Tips when taking opportunities, you might be a bit worried about… 

  • In scary moments, it is so important to remember that you are enough.  
  • This is life, you aren’t going to be perfect all the time, but if you don’t practise then you won’t ever be!  
  • Have faith in yourself that you will do it well.  
  • Find the face that you are most happy and confident in! 
  • Live through your mistakes, they will make you into a better person! 
  • You can’t wait for other people to nominate you in awards, you need to do it yourself!  

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