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  Hello and welcome back to a new podcast! This week I have a follow on podcast from last weeks episode about WHY setting goals is so detrimental to your success, with this weeks podcast being HOW to set those goals! It can be so easy to say that you need to set goals because […]

How To Set Strategic Goals – Podcast Episode 24

      Okay, so this isn’t the first time you’ve heard someone talk about the importance of goals, and it’s definitely not going to be the last. One of the main questions that people ask me… literally on a daily basis is ‘Caralee how do you do it all?’ There are lots of pieces […]

Creating a life you love through goal setting and why it matters! – Podcast Episode 23

    This week I had the pleasure of chatting with Gold Coast Therapist, Rebecca Harrison to help navigate myself and my listeners on how we will adapt to change and nurture ourselves in the process. Going through all of these changes when just coming out of a pandemic is super mentally and sometimes physically […]

Navigating The Post Lockdown Life With Therapist, Rebecca Harrison – Podcast Episode 22

  So this weeks podcast was super fitting due to the recent events in my life where if I was to listen to fear, absolutely nothing would have come out of it… Especially not three beautiful cookbooks! Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is a topic that I have always been quite hesitant about […]

Feeling The Fear and Doing it anyway! Podcast Episode 21

    We have all been there, where we have had a realisation and we have decided that right now, we are going to change our lives by implementing 20 new healthy habits, that will be mastered by Friday.. Am I right?!  Well, unfortunately it does not and never will happen like that. Healthy habits […]

How To Create Effective Healthy Habits That You Will Stick To! Podcast Ep 18

  We are all hearing so so so much about COVID-19, so it can be a sensory overload and it can be extremely overwhelming! As some of you may know, I usually run an extremely busy and fast paced life, and I truly felt that I liked it that way and that doing all of the things was […]

What Will Your Post COVID-19 Life Look Like? Podcast Ep 17

  Karen Phillips is super well known on the Gold Coast and is super-empowered to lift other women and help other women unveil their full potential. Karen’s journey with empowering women started around 30 years ago by participating in different women’s events and is now the host of many organisation events.  Karen Phillips is well […]

Empowering and Uplifting Women with Karen Phillips – Podcast Ep 16

  Well this week, I had a very exciting BONUS podcast go live with my daughter Mackenzie! As you may know, earlier in the week I uploaded a podcast on how to be mindful during COVID-19 and as important as that is I wanted to also lighten the mood with a cute mini podcast from […]

Getting The Kids Involved With Healthy Eating! A Podcast With My Daughter, Mackenzie!

  Welcome! Today I have a guest who is from Seattle, Neill Williams from my Mastermind Group in the US, we gather together from all these different industries and we discuss our business’ and problem solve.  I just love Neill as she helps super busy women, essentially unbusy themselves to be more productive. The interview […]

Productivity VS Being Busy with Neill Williams – Podcast Ep 13

  Welcome back! In this week’s podcast, we will be speaking to one of my American friends to discuss…  I have wanted Jasmine on my podcast because she is the most positive person I have ever come across and I was inspired to share her positivity with you guys.   Jasmine used to work in […]

5 Steps to Elevate Your Frequency with Jasmine Shea – Podcast Ep 12

podcast with Jasmine Shea

Right now, as we all start to social distance and lock down to stay safe, life seems crazier and more stressful than usual. It is very overwhelming from both health and financial perspectives. It seems that there is so much uncertainty with very little control over what is happening. Now more than ever, as we […]

Living in COVID-19 – 5 Wellness Steps to Follow (Podcast Ep 14)

This week Caralee speaks with lawyer and leadership expert Midja Fisher on the importance of wellness in leadership and leading by example. Midja has spent 20+ years in the corporate world as a legal partner of an ASX listed national law firm and as a learning and development specialist. And has since transitioned out on […]

The Importance of Wellness in Leadership with Midja Fisher – Podcast Ep 11

Podcast with Midja Fisher

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