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5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Care & Mental Well-being Often, we don’t think about our mental well-being as we get on with our busy lives. However, it is super important that we take initiative and give this aspect of our lives the time it deserves. It is important to not dismiss, or overlook the importance of prioritizing taking care of […]

Five Ways to Boost Your Self Care & Mental Well-being

Your body is about 70% water and drinking enough of it is vital for optimal health. Often when we are busy, we forget to drink more water or we drink other fluids instead, that are not as healthy.  Water helps us with digestions, body temperature regulation, kidney function, blood health, joint repair, complexion, flushes body […]

How To Drink More Water For Your Well-Being

As women we are often so focused on the outer of our beings. The way we look, the shape of our body, the size of our clothes and the number on the scales.   I get it. I’ve been there. So rather than being concerned that nourishment or health wasn’t my priority, I was concerned […]

Nourishing You from the inside out.. Even when you are busy! – Podcast Ep 2

The holidays are a time that we can let it all go when it comes to healthy food choices, but it doesn’t have to be this way.I am currently in Brazil with my husband and his family and here it is a food fare! It can be difficult to stay on track with healthy eating […]

My Mindful Holiday Eating Strategies

It is normal every year for people to set New Year’s resolutions. And it is normal that come February, and the resolutions have been well forgotten. To make a goal or a dream happen we need to form new habits, learn new skills, do things differently in a way that we have never before. Then […]

Setting New Goals in 2020

Life can be tough and it isn’t always smooth sailing, especially when we are faced with life changing circumstances such as health issues, parenting difficulties, career uncertainties, business worries or the breakdown of your relationship. I have learnt that life can serve you lemon’s but ultimately it is the way that we perceive things or […]

My Guiding Principles To Happiness

Self-care can mean different things to different people, ultimately it is to care for oneself. We all have our own unique approach to self-care but making time to actively focus on one’s mental well being is essential to your ongoing health. Often, we don’t think about our mental well being as we get on with […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Care & Mental Wellbeing

I wasn’t always a healthy eater, I have to admit to you that I am a lover of all food and it hasn’t always been a natural choice for me to choose the healthy options. So where did my passion for healthy cooking and living come from? I was a young mother at 22 and […]

Why Caralee Started Eating Real Food

As summer approaches, so does hanging out at the beach, laying on the grass and going to the park with your family for long picnic lunches. It is so much fun just to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, food and a lovely time together. I love spending the time chilling out while the […]

Creating the Perfect Picnic

It can be discouraging and frustrating when you have health goals and you have been working so hard, but it feels like you never get there. I know the feeling as over the years I have had many frustrations, especially around weight loss. During the Real Food Pledge Challenge, we take a deep dive into […]

Self-Love A Key In Ingredient to better health

Whatever your health goal is, weight loss, more energy, happy gut, glowing skin or simply feeling amazing, it is easy to be discouraged when you make changes but the results don’t happen straight away. I have been there many times! But there is more to this story and your wellness journey than just what you […]

Three Magic Tools For Reaching Your Wellness Goals

I was so fortunate to be invited by Justine from My Balance Project to speak at her Auckland event. What a night! For a start there were 50 incredible ladies there, a grazing table to die for and the most gorgeous set up at Pocket Bar in Grey Lynn. It was so lovely for me […]

My Balance Project Auckland Event

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