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LinkedIn flat lay

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Do you find LinkedIn overwhelming? Perhaps you are unsure of how you want to brand yourself or how to connect with the correct audience? Listen up to the latest poddy episode on how I break down the best tips and tricks to ensure you take full advantage of LinkedIn to build your brand and to […]

Building Your Brand on LinkedIn – Podcast Episode 58


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  This week on the podcast, listen in as I chat all things social media and EXACTLY how I make running 3 social media accounts seamless and simple. Many people feel as though social media should be put on the backburner when really these days it holds the greatest opportunities. Social media not only allows […]

Steal My Social Media Tips To Streamline And Simplify – Podcast Episode 52

Caralee Fontenele unstoppable podcasts

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  NEW PODCAST ALERT! Well today I have a super insightful and engaging podcast with Troy Trewin who discusses how he has built an empire in the distilling industry and how he has built up the beverage business with determination and drive. Troy is also a business coach who has a strong passion for building […]

Building A Business Empire with Troy Trewin – Podcast Episode 46

Caralee Fontenele

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  NEW PODDY ALERT! Today I talk about a frequently asked question I get that is, how did I scale and what did I change to do so? Well, today I share with you exactly how I did scale and the 3 big mistakes I made that kept me from my business scaling. Oh and […]

The 3 Big Mistakes That Kept Me Stuck In My Business – Podcast Episode 45

Being Unstoppable podcast with Emi Pescott

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    Hello! In today’s poddy, I have Em Pescott to discuss all things HR! From knowing if what you are getting in your industry is correct, how your personal values should align with your company to how to be an UNSTOPPABLE employer. Let’s have an Unstoppable career with Promotable You! Let’s get started…  Em […]

Building Your Unstoppable Career with Career Coach Em Pescott – Podcast Episode 38

Caralee Fontenele unstoppable podcasts

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  I recently held a boot-camp about how to elevate your personal brand one of the challenges was for the participants to write down what holds them back from putting themselves out there.  The answers came in fast and thick and to be honest I was not surprised by any of them, because I have […]

How To Flick Fear and Vulnerability – Podcast Episode 35

Farien Azeem

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  Are you wanting to slay your MONEY FEARS and reach goals you never thought you could!? This weeks podcast is with the BOSS LADY Fairien Azeem! As a Financial Educator, a wealth coach and a business mentor for over 20 years and she helps women channel their inner FINANCE QUEEN! You may not know […]

Slaying Your Money Fears with Fairien Azeem! – Podcast Episode 34

podcast with Emily Osmond

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  Do you want to be UNSTOPPABLE, yet just not sure how to get there? Do you have a business idea that you are overwhelmed to approach? Are you tired of floating through life and want to take action? Join my Facebook group – Unstoppable Women with Caralee! This group is made for encouragement, support […]

Building Resilience To Reach Success with Emily Osmond – Podcast Episode 33

Being Unstoppable podcast with Eva Kaszycki

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This week I had the pleasure of chatting with absolute GIRL BOSS Eva Kaszycki. Eva is the CEO of three successful companies, mum of three and abundance coach! Eva didn’t fall into success, in fact she had to fight her way to it. Eva and I chat all about business growth, personal growth and relationship […]

Business And Personal Development Chat With Eva Kaszycki – Podcast Ep 32

Caralee Fontenele with a dog

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    This week I wanted to follow on from last week’s podcast and discuss how to actually take action when taking FULL responsibility of your life! We all know people who blame others for the outcomes of their life, perhaps work colleagues, family, or yourself! Turning your mindset around to reminding yourself that everything […]

The 7 Stages When Stepping Up To Responsibility – Podcast Episode 29

Flat Layout

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    Hello podcasters and welcome back to another episode of the Law Of Living Well! Today’s episode is all about how having a life coach can change your life! I get asked often about the coaching experience I have had and how I have been an entrepreneur since the age of around 20. I […]

How Having A Coach Can Change Your Life – Podcast Episode 27

Caralee Fontenele

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  Recently I had the pleasure of being interviewed by the lovely Carly Flynn, to chat all about Nourishing You and what it means to feel nourished. I love New Zealand media and radio stations as it reminds me of when I would listen to them growing up in Whangerai and it takes me back! […]

Magic Talk Radio NZ Interview – Nourishing You

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