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My law practice wasn’t always flourishing, in fact when I took in over in 2012 as an exisiting small one man band business, it was struggling, BIG TIME! (The reason I took such a business over, is a story for another post!) When a business doesn’t have a healthy cashflow or flow of clients, it […]

The One Book That Changed My Life In Business

For many of us, life looks very different now compared to a month or two ago. As a lawyer running a busy law practice, author with my third book Nourishing You about to be released and mother of three, my life prior to the crisis, was hectic as I juggled all the things. I liked […]

In life and business, what are the positives we can learn from Covid-19?

As most of your know, I run a law firm that specialised helps people through their separation and divorce. I love my work and empowering people through that part of their life, particularly because I have been through divorce myself and I know how it impacts the lives of families. I also have a passion […]

Bringing Relaxed Cafe Vibes To Family Law

This week Caralee speaks with lawyer and leadership expert Midja Fisher on the importance of wellness in leadership and leading by example. Midja has spent 20+ years in the corporate world as a legal partner of an ASX listed national law firm and as a learning and development specialist. And has since transitioned out on […]

The Importance of Wellness in Leadership with Midja Fisher – Podcast Ep 11

Podcast with Midja Fisher

  This episode I am talking all about the power of 20-minutes per day! This episode is going to really blow your mind as I figured out that 20-minutes out of every day for a year is equivalent to 1 week! One whole week!  I found this statistic so crazy as there are so many […]

The Power of 20-Minutes Per Day – Podcast Ep 8

  Whether we realise it or not, we all have beliefs and some of these beliefs are limiting us from our full potential or from the life that we dream of.   Have you ever wondered why you cannot seem to achieve what you want or why you just can’t get started on something?   Do you find yourself […]

Self-Limiting Beliefs, You Didn’t Know You Had – Podcast Ep 6

  As women we are often so focused on the outer of our beings. The way we look, the shape of our body, the size of our clothes and the number on the scales.   I get it. I’ve been there. So rather than being concerned that nourishment or health wasn’t my priority, I was […]

Nourishing You from the inside out.. Even when you are busy! – Podcast Ep 4

WORKING SMARTER NOT HARDER  We often hear about working smarter and not harder, but what does it mean to do that? I had a discussion about this with one of my team members and she was challenged by this idea, because she had SO much to do.  When we have so much to do and […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder – Podcast Ep 3

  5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Care & Mental Well-being Often, we don’t think about our mental well-being as we get on with our busy lives. However, it is super important that we take initiative and give this aspect of our lives the time it deserves. It is important to not dismiss, or overlook the importance of prioritizing taking care […]

Five Ways to Boost Your Self Care & Mental Well-being – Podcast Ep 2

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It is normal every year for people to set New Year’s resolutions. And it is normal that come February, and the resolutions have been well forgotten. To make a goal or a dream happen we need to form new habits, learn new skills, do things differently in a way that we have never before. Then […]

Setting New Goals in 2020

Life can be tough and it isn’t always smooth sailing, especially when we are faced with life changing circumstances such as health issues, parenting difficulties, career uncertainties, business worries or the breakdown of your relationship. I have learnt that life can serve you lemon’s but ultimately it is the way that we perceive things or […]

My Guiding Principles To Happiness

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Self-care can mean different things to different people, ultimately it is to care for oneself. We all have our own unique approach to self-care but making time to actively focus on one’s mental well being is essential to your ongoing health. Often, we don’t think about our mental well being as we get on with […]

5 Ways to Boost Your Self-Care & Mental Wellbeing

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