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My journey over the last few years has been all about living my best life. I went through my own divorce where I was forced to change the course of my life. It was hard but ever since I have been determined to create my best life ever. We all only have one life and […]

Start living your best life with just 20 minutes a day

Over the past six months or so, there have been so many cues in my life that have told me that I need to meditate. One person after another that I have worked with has told me how meditation has been amazing in their life and that I should do it. My thoughts…. Yeah, yeah, […]

The Start of My Meditation Journey

As a lawyer, I understand that we often deal with the legal issues and then wish you good luck for the future, now that the divorce has been finalised. As someone who has been through separation and divorce twice, I know firsthand that there is a lot more that is required than just the legal […]

How to Create Your Best Life Ever After Divorce

Thinking of style, the first thing that pops into my mind is clothes.  Not all of us are as knowledgeable about fashion and that is OK. But why is it even important to have a style and to be thinking about it when you are going through a divorce, let alone going to all the […]


After separation, you might feel the need to break away from your everyday life for a while. Not only to help heal the heart but to gain a fresh perspective. But what should you do? To me, travelling and tasty food have always had a great attraction. We should of course not overindulge in food […]


At almost every single New Year’s party I have been, I find individuals who make the most beautiful New Year’s resolutions.  Come February, and the resolutions have been well forgotten. Let’s talk a common language – a goal can roughly be described as a dream you want to achieve.  It is something that gives purpose […]


Sometimes life puts little pebbles in our path for us to trip over – an unforeseen outcome to a well-planned action – a divorce or separation can be one of these pebbles (or rocks) that throws our entire rhythm off. There are however a few key affirmations that I live by that can be helpful, […]


Life can be tough and it isn’t always smooth sailing, especially when we are faced with life changing circumstances such as health issues, parenting difficulties, career uncertainties or the breakdown of your relationship. I have learnt that life can serve you lemon’s but ultimately it is the way that we perceive things or what we […]

My Guiding Principles To Happiness

Okay, okay I know that separation and divorce is not fun, I have been there myself and I help clients through this rocky part of their lives everyday. BUT the last thing that you need right now if to be visiting a lawyers office or a divorce website and it to be BORING, DRAB, DEPRESSING […]


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