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Hello, hello! Welcome to another week of being unstoppable!

This week I will be talking about the importance of capitalising on content to help you elevate your personal brand! This is super vital in your unstoppable journey as it shapes who you are, what your message is and how people want to perceive you!

In this day and age, we have the most incredible opportunity to put content out there on all of these different platforms we have today. When I first started out in business in 2001, there was nothing like how the internet is today. Even a website wasn’t considered, therefore to do marketing and get known in your brand and your business you have to pay for really expensive advertising! You may remember Yellow Pages or Shop-a-dockets or old fashioned mail box drops… Back then this is how we advertised our businesses and in terms of your own personal brand it was the only way to get yourself physically out there.

These days, we have the most incredible opportunity to be known in our industry or for what we do all over the world – we are not limited to impacting people right in our space and we are able to approach people worldwide, so it is so important to know how!

If you hold yourself back from posting content because you are;

  • Scared of what people will think;
  • Worried on how you would like to be viewed by your followers;
  • Not sure what to put on social media;
  • Don’t know how to use social media; and
  • Unsure how to capitalise on content!

#1 You can work smarter and not harder

Once you have a clear brand and content that aligns with your business, the message then becomes clear as you are pumping the message you want to send out there! This then makes it much easier for your staff to work with you and your customers to come to you as they get it!

#2 Stand out from the crowd

When you are able to put content out like a podcast or a blog you are then standing out from the crowd by being intentional from the crowd and you are pushing your competition to the side because YOU are elevating!

#3 You Inspire Trust In Your Audience

People will want to work with you after they have known, liked and trusted you! The more your audience becomes familiar with the product or service that you can give them, the easier the process of making sales, gaining traction etc. becomes.

#4 Helps You To Make More Money

When you put content out there, people then know who you are. You can’t sell a secret! We all know that, if you are hiding in your business or behind your brand and you aren’t putting content out there – you are not able to make substantial sales.

#5 Become Lazer Focused

When we put content out there, we want our content to actually designate with our ideal client and to align with the ears of the people who we want to work with and focus on exactly what we do, have and will create.

#6 Creating Content That Converts

You need to think who is my ideal customer, and how am I going to get them to convert from a follower to a paying client. Your brand is your business – putting out to your followers the opportunity that they could have by creating unique content will be giving value to your clients and content. We only have a certain amount of time in a day, so we only want to read and consume things that give us great value! The more you give and the more generous you are with your information, the more people are going to know like and trust you which indicates when the paying platform comes along, your loyal followers are going to know who you are and your value, therefore purchase your paying product as they had an insight from your free product!

There are so many ways to capitalise on content and honestly, it doesn’t matter what business you have!

  • Have one solid piece of content every single week, i.e a podcast upload each week to spir out multiple, small pieces of content to build momentum. By creating one piece of content and using it as a pillar of content in your business then you are able to create many different platforms to upload it on.
  • Consistency is KEY! Your audience get ready and look forward to it by keeping them in a routine and it keeps you in a routine!
  • Have a set day for yourself to set content live, i.e Podcast Tuesday!
  • Pick one platform that you will use as your anchor i.e. Podcast, Blog, video on YouTube and from there it will go on your website.
  • SEO it! Key words are vital when clients are googling key words that relate to you.

Contact me this week and tell me what you chose to expand on and capitalise on! DM me on Instagram and let me know what you did to keep you accountable in your UNSTOPPABLE journey!





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