Business And Personal Development Chat With Eva Kaszycki – Podcast Ep 32

This week I had the pleasure of chatting with absolute GIRL BOSS Eva Kaszycki.

Eva is the CEO of three successful companies, mum of three and abundance coach!

Eva didn’t fall into success, in fact she had to fight her way to it. Eva and I chat all about business growth, personal growth and relationship growth. This podcast is a super motivational episode and will capture your attention with Eva’s incredible story of wellness and success.

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This podcast is mainly focused on the building of success, from an unsteady principal. Eva wasn’t always the unstoppable woman your going to be meeting on the podcast today and how she has overcome tragedy to create success.

Eva was raised in a middle class family from Brisbane, Australia who were very caught up in the social status through life. Things didn’t feel quite normal for Eva growing up as she felt as though her family would create a ‘us and them’ attitude toward particular people in society. This wasn’t evident to Eva until she began to grow older and understand her family’s perspective.

At the age of 13, Eva’s father tragically died of suicide which severely impacted Eva’s life mentally and physically. Eva felt she had grown up in a place that was already quite different to other people’s families and then she had to face this massive transition at such a young age. Eva’s mother at the time hadn’t been super present at the time, which led to Eva having to navigate the ropes with her sister.

Eva insists that although this had majorly devastated her, it encouraged her to become very independent, however did crave the attention of her mother who was unable to give it to her – this created habits and norms that Eva was now to navigate alone.

At the age of 15, Eva turned rather rebellious (in her words) and began to sneak out to create a life where she gained satisfaction and security. This included a lot of sneaking out to her boyfriends house which one day her mother caught her and told her to leave the family home immediately. This was an awakening moment for her and sure enough, she left! Eva moved into her boyfriends home, which was an incredibly difficult shift as ultimately Eva’s life completely changed. Due to Eva being conditioned in her early years that ‘status’ was everything, she found it very difficult to move from her private school in Brisbane to a public school in Brisbane.

Ultimately Eva went from one world to another world at 15 years old. 

Eva struggled with depression, and had 4 suicide attempts which led to back to back hospital visits, each time she was in hospital, she was at an all time low.  Abusive, manipulative and a spiraling characteristics of the people around her, Eva needed a change.

Eva had to find her way out if this situation and create a niche for her to adapt, improvise and grow from. This is so important as the lesson taken from this is that not everything that has a tragic or bad beginning has to define who you are, what you do or who you can be!

We all have a purpose and a reason as to why we are here, it wasn’t easy yet Eva managed to awaken to her inner beliefs and what she wanted to do!

Eva studied a degree for event management and fell in love with the potential event management had laid out for her. Self awareness was a major factor for Eva and she had to discover what she wanted and who she wanted to be, as she felt she was starting from rock bottom.

I asked Eva how she went from being a nervous young woman with no self awareness to such a vibrant, super self aware human?! To which she answered…. “Well, I got pregnant and everything changed! Hahaha!” Her second answer was if you don’t love yourself, you won’t love anyone else.

Eva got pregnant at 23 and was working in event planning which was absolutely draining her, and she worked out that she wouldn’t be able to be the best mother she could be in this job. So she started a business!

It never crossed her mind to start a business and was very naive to the idea, so she went GO! She started by going to an expo and then the dots started to line up. At first it was very tricky, and Eva was very focused on money due to her conditioning as a child.

Eva felt she was entering into business for the wrong ideas, so she became obsessed with the money factor and it wasn’t working at all which triggered a light bulb moment! PASSION is the key to successful business!

Manifesting the life you want! How Eva did it!


Every single thought we think creates a momentum and an energy, it goes out to the universe and then it comes straight back at you!

When Eva was doing a heap and she manifested, it wasn’t directed at the EXACT thing she wanted. This is super evident in the way we think in a business perspective as sometimes we can become obsessed with the queries you may have, or the stresses you may feel and you only need to hold a thought for 68 seconds for it to be stabilized in your mind.

This is why having a series of thoughts that you feel toward yourself and toward your business is KEY because what you give out is what you get!

You are ALWAYS manifesting! When you are at a high frequency and using emotions such as joy, laughter, enlightenment those feeling will naturally flow back to you. The exact same will happen if you vibrate at a lower frequency.

Affirmations, meditations and becoming very raw with yourself may be a process that you need to uncover to be able to jump into your high frequency mindset. Just as if you were training for a marathon you need a strong body – exactly the same as a strong mind. It may be uncomfortable but you need to exercise it!

I just loved having Eva on the Being Unstoppable Podcast, she bought such an incredible insight to our new poddy and her story was very inspirational. Click the links above if you would like to follow or work with Eva, and let her know I sent you!

Enjoy your week podcast peeps!




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