Building Your Unstoppable Career with Career Coach Em Pescott – Podcast Episode 38




In today’s poddy, I have Em Pescott to discuss all things HR! From knowing if what you are getting in your industry is correct, how your personal values should align with your company to how to be an UNSTOPPABLE employer.

Let’s have an Unstoppable career with Promotable You! Let’s get started… 

Em Pescott is a Career Coach who takes her clients from where you are right now, into your next awesome job. Em has a HR company called Promotable You which is based off the thought that it was unbelievable that women couldn’t get the pay rise they deserved and weren’t getting promoted in their own right. Soooo, along came Em!

When clients go to Promotable You – their main focus is that they must invest in themselves to see solid grounds in their business/employee potential. Em preaches that with personal investment, she can help produce a pay rise from $10,000-$60,000. No matter what you invest in, you will always be attracted to the ROI (Return On Investment.) You have a choice after investing in yourself, once you learn how to communicate with your employer about the conversation of a higher salary, if this conversation is deflected, you will always have the choice of moving companies and getting the figure you deserve. There are always two choices after you learn to communicate in your workplace. Being able to demonstrate your value will be invested in wherever you go.

What does an Unstoppable Employer do to attract incredible employees? 


  1. Giving them scope of work, go and do it and then Praise. Give them the power to keep working higher up the ladder;
  2. Invest in your employees;
  3. What actually drives them? Discuss their goals;
  4. Celebrate the small wins;
  5. Impacting the world in small ways; and
  6. Let them fail, let them know, give them space and move on.

In the podcast, we also discuss..

  • Injustice that talented women couldn’t have those conversations to promote you!
  • Focus on getting recognition and building an authentic personal brand
  • Employee vision, are you climbing or are you comfortable?
  • How your leader may be effecting your career climb
  • How to align your personal values with your workplace
  • You will never be happy if your values do not align with the company you work for
  • How your confidence defines your value in the workplace

We also dive into…

How do you measure if what your getting in your industry is right? –

  • Market Value
  • Understanding where you sit within that range
  • How can you articulate that figure
  • What are you expecting in your role?
  • How your confidence defines your value in the workplace

Em discusses the exact tactics she recommends to women who are currently feeling undervalued in their workplace.

  1. Understanding your mental road blocks – why do you feel, how you feel?
  2. How you design the conversations to land opportunities?
  3. How to speak the language of your employer.

Em Pescott will hold your hand from resume writing to asking for a $60,000 pay rise. How she does it? Well…

You can work with Em in a group format or in a personal coaching aspect, which is one on one. Em will take you from career planning to the more tactical aspects such as interview skills, having a precise resume and how to grow in your workplace.

Em will help you grow and be your HR coach, whatever you need in your career Promotable You will be there for you to remove limiting beliefs, debriefs, understanding drives and values when you can’t articulate them for yourself.

Em has a FREE 4 Day Workshop series coming up called the ‘Career, Clarity and Confidence Workshop‘ which is going through the A-Z when changing roles in industries. Getting the confidence to take that step, and getting clear about what the step looks like. The workshop starts on 20 October 2020. Join now as it is incredible value for no price at all!






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