Bringing Relaxed Cafe Vibes To Family Law

As most of your know, I run a law firm that specialised helps people through their separation and divorce. I love my work and empowering people through that part of their life, particularly because I have been through divorce myself and I know how it impacts the lives of families.

I also have a passion for food and sharing with people how life is better when you eat well. Tying my two businesses together has always been a challenge, however I do find ways!

When client’s are facing divorce and separation, it is a very stressful time. I often find that when clients make the decision to seek legal advice about their circumstances that are quite anxious during their initial appointment. Often the client can be overwhelmed by the mere fact that they have to come and see a lawyer. They often express in their first few remarks, that they never imagined that they would ever be here, that they are nervous about getting legal advice or that they feel guilty for finding out what their legal rights are. All of that is understandable, no one gets married for it to end in divorce. If you have ever been there yourself, you may relate.

A couple of years ago my law practice moved to a new office space as we had grown. This gave me the fresh opportunity to think about how I want clients to feel when they come in to get legal advice for their family law matter.

The way that I want people to feel is less stressed, empowered to make great decisions and comfortable being in our office. My first thoughts were, that a traditional law firm office would make me feel uncomfortable and intimidated which is the opposite to how I want our clients to feel. In fact, before I was a lawyer, I myself had to retain advice from a family lawyer for my own divorce and that is how I felt.

One of my favourite places to be is in my kitchen at home or a cafe. It is relaxing, fun, its a place to discuss everything that is happening in your life with a friend, you can help yourself to the paper and a water and sit where ever you please. That is the sort of environment that I wanted to create for the clients that come to Collective Family Law.

So with the help of an amazing interior designer Tracey-Lee, we set about designing a office based around a cafe and kitchen setting. It was such a fun project and we created the most fabulous office space for our team and clients. The best thing is that I get to work there everyday!

We eliminated the reception area, we scrapped the stuffy office feel and we replaced it with a homely cafe kitchen. When our clients walk in to our office, they get welcomed to the kitchen, sit around the bend and help themselves to tea and coffee, biscuits and the paper. There are charging docks for their devices and a nice relaxing outdoor space.

Our office space at Collective Family Law is very un-lawyer like and more cafe-like. I love it, the  team love it and most importantly, our clients love it! Our clients are happier, more relaxed and while they still have to face some very difficult issues, our cafe provides a welcoming space for them and their families.



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