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  Welcome to another Being Unstoppable Poddy! Today we have a serious topic that we will all come to head with – no matter how successful your business is… Difficult clients and complaints are part of being in business. And depending on what type of business you are in is also a determining factor. The […]

How To Deal With Difficult or Complaining Clients – Podcast Episode 56

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  When it comes to niching your business, it can seem frightening and restricting… yet it is quite the opposite. Niching does not mean missing out on business, and it actually means get more.  In this podcast, we get into the nitty-gritty of niching and how it can benefit your law firm. In my law […]

Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Niche In Your Business – Podcast Episode 55

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You’ve tapped into the calling that you’re meant for something bigger, I know that because you are here!You have decided that you want to be on the path of having unstoppable success in your law firm and a life you love. However you know that you cannot make a bigger impact by keeping your legal […]

The Real Fears Lawyers Have About Social Media

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Starting a law firm, let along scaling a law firm is no easy feat! It takes courage to leave your eight to five corporate job as a lawyer on great money, to then go out and start your own law practice from scratch.  The reason that most of us want to go out on our […]

Scale Your Law Firm With Caralee

Social Media for lawyers

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Love it or hate it, social media is here to stay. Maybe not all of the platforms as we know them today, but as a general rule, social media is part of our lives and part of how we do business. As a lawyer, knowing how to leverage these platforms to build your brand and […]

Social Media For Lawyers & Why You Shouldn’t Strive To Be Perfect

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  BONUS PODCAST ALERT! This episode is all about the new phenomenon, Clubhouse! What is clubhouse and what do you need to know? 1. It is an audio-based social media app!  When you are inside the app, you are inside listening! There really isn’t any space for you to type context etc. If you are […]

What Is Clubhouse? – BONUS Podcast Episode 54

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We all have a huge opportunity online to show our authentic selves, present our brand and influence! This is the thing – so many people do not take this opportunity! Essentially, we are all playing the reputation game – whether you like it or not!  Personal brand, and how you appear online is your reputation […]

10 Action Tips On How To Take Control Of Your Brand – Podcast Episode 53


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  This week on the podcast, listen in as I chat all things social media and EXACTLY how I make running 3 social media accounts seamless and simple. Many people feel as though social media should be put on the backburner when really these days it holds the greatest opportunities. Social media not only allows […]

Steal My Social Media Tips To Streamline And Simplify – Podcast Episode 52

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This week in the podcast, we break down exactly why data is so vital in the growth and scaling of your business. In our businesses, we often rely on our instincts – BUT if you want to scale your business and you want your business to get to a place where it doesn’t rely on […]

Data Over Drama To Scale Your Business – Podcast Episode 51

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    How To Be More Social Media Savvy! Hello, hello and welcome to another podcast episode! Today is answering all your social media questions and reviewing on what has worked best for myself and my businesses. Listen up as I guide you through exactly how to use social media to your business’ benefit to […]

How To Be More Social Media Savvy! – Podcast Episode 50

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FREE WORKSHOP ALERT! DO YOU WANT TO SCALE YOUR BUSINESS WHILE WORKING LESS THAN EVER? Start 2021 with a bang in the Scalable Business Society! An exclusive 12 month accountability program to help you to attract the right clients so you can scale your business without working daily. You will have access to the Scalable Business […]

How To Become Aware Of Fear Based Decisions In Your Business – Podcast Episode 49

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  It is a new year in 10 days! Now is the best time to reset your mind and your actions so that you can come back fresh in the new year! In saying that, let’s go through why you need to set goals in the new year. The Scalable Business Society will give you […]

How To Write Goals and Set Intentions For Your Business In 2021 – Podcast Episode 48

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