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Most of us are familiar with this term ‘tall poppy syndrome’. It is the description that we use in the English language of a most unfortunate thing that that we do in our culture. It is where we tear other’s down, put them down or be resentful towards them because of their achievements or success. I don’t understand […]


My journey over the last few years has been all about living my best life. I went through my own divorce where I was forced to change the course of my life. It was hard but ever since I have been determined to create my best life ever. We all only have one life and […]

Start living your best life with just 20 minutes a day

Over the past six months or so, there have been so many cues in my life that have told me that I need to meditate. One person after another that I have worked with has told me how meditation has been amazing in their life and that I should do it. My thoughts…. Yeah, yeah, […]

The Start of My Meditation Journey

Divorce coaching is a growing industry in Australia and the world. But what is it and how can divorce coaching assist you to move through your separation and divorce. Do you need a lawyer also, what is the purpose of having the assistance of a divorce coach and how does divorce coaching fill a gap […]

Episode 8: What Is Divorce Coaching and How Can It Help with Special Guest Anne-Marie Cade

I want to share with you not only how to survive the end of your relationship, but how to thrive and create your best life ever. It’s normal to feel a whole range of negative emotions. I see clients on a daily basis that are experiencing fear, stress, confusion, panic, grief and sadness. The breakdown […]

Episode 7: 5 Strategies to Survive the breakdown Your Relationship

The other day I had a heart broken woman attend my office for her legal matter. She was particularly distraught as it was very fresh and new for her, this time last week she had no idea what this week would hold for her. Her and her husband had exciting near future plans together, they […]

Don’t Forget To Breathe!

I have always been a huge believer in goal-setting and putting out to the universe what you want to achieve as well as implementing action plans to make it happen. There is no better time to set new goals than when you are at a big juncture in your life, such as divorce. This is […]

Episode 6: How Setting New Goals After Separation Can Help You to Have a Positive Future

Most people after separation, just want the divorce process to be over and done with as soon as possible. They don’t want it to be a long drawn out fight and understandable most don’t want the divorce process to cost a ton! When you find yourself in the position of going through separation, it can […]

Episode 5: 12 Tips to Negotiate an Amicable Outcome with Your Ex-partner

When you and a partner separate, whether suddenly or over time, the first emotion is often panic. Your head will be buzzing with a range of questions about how you will cope, what you should you, whether you can you do life alone, what you are you going to have to let go of, whether […]

You Are Going To Be OK!

If you identify that you need a lawyer, then the next question is which one do you choose? This can be daunting, because it is likely that you have not been in this position before and it is foreign to be in a position where you need to retain a lawyer. You are also now […]

Episode 4: 12 Tips on how to choose the right divorce lawyer for you

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