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My law practice wasn’t always flourishing, in fact when I took in over in 2012 as an exisiting small one man band business, it was struggling, BIG TIME! (The reason I took such a business over, is a story for another post!) When a business doesn’t have a healthy cashflow or flow of clients, it […]

The One Book That Changed My Life In Business

  So this weeks podcast was super fitting due to the recent events in my life where if I was to listen to fear, absolutely nothing would have come out of it… Especially not three beautiful cookbooks! Feeling the fear and doing it anyway is a topic that I have always been quite hesitant about […]

Feeling The Fear and Doing it anyway! Podcast Episode 21

For many of us, life looks very different now compared to a month or two ago. As a lawyer running a busy law practice, author with my third book Nourishing You about to be released and mother of three, my life prior to the crisis, was hectic as I juggled all the things. I liked […]

In life and business, what are the positives we can learn from Covid-19?

As most of your know, I run a law firm that specialised helps people through their separation and divorce. I love my work and empowering people through that part of their life, particularly because I have been through divorce myself and I know how it impacts the lives of families. I also have a passion […]

Bringing Relaxed Cafe Vibes To Family Law

  Well hello! I am so excited you are here reading this, as I have been dying to make this post and now I can! I really wanted to take the time to give a background and explain the real motivation behind my brand spanking new book, Nourishing You! Nourishing You, wasn’t always a book […]

The Real Purpose Behind Nourishing You

I was super excited to be invited for a segment on the Nine To Noon radio this week in New Zealand. I feel super excited to have people wanting to hear my journey and I am so passionate about getting my message to the people from all around as I do believe it is vital! […]

The divorce lawyer who broke up with bad food – Nine To Noon radio segment

This recipe is super satisfying as it is fresh and light, yet contains pumpkin which keeps you satisfied for hours. My salad chapter is probably one of my favourite chapters out of all of my books as it takes the boring old spinach and tomato salad and totally opens up the possibilities when creating a […]

Pumpkin, Quinoa and Pomegranate Salad – Nourishing You Sneak Peak!

This week I was really excited to have an article in Female which is an online subscription full of information on women’s health, competitions, celebrity news, product reviews, entertainment, food and lifestyle. I was super excited to have one of my gorgeous new recipes from ‘Nourishing You’ to encourage people to eat well during this […]

Female Article – Pandemic Friendly Recipe!

    We have all been there, where we have had a realisation and we have decided that right now, we are going to change our lives by implementing 20 new healthy habits, that will be mastered by Friday.. Am I right?!  Well, unfortunately it does not and never will happen like that. Healthy habits […]

How To Create Effective Healthy Habits That You Will Stick To! Podcast Ep 18

  We are all hearing so so so much about COVID-19, so it can be a sensory overload and it can be extremely overwhelming! As some of you may know, I usually run an extremely busy and fast paced life, and I truly felt that I liked it that way and that doing all of the things was […]

What Will Your Post COVID-19 Life Look Like? Podcast Ep 17

I know I have been doing a lot of teasing around my new book Nourishing You, and I have had a lot of requests for a little peak into the recipes. So, I thought I would share with you one of my top 10 favourite dishes out of Nourishing You, my Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai!  […]

Zucchini Noodle Pad Thai – Nourishing You Preview Recipe

Usually at this time of year we are tightly packing the car full of tents, chilly bins and beach gear, but not this year. Covid-19 has a different idea and it is keeping us indoors or at least in the confines of our sections. When the only option we have is a staycation, let’s make […]

Turning the back yard into the picnic of your dreams!

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