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  Welcome back to the podcast! This week I am coming to you from my office on the Gold Coast, but not for long! This week I am off to New Zealand for two weeks which is so exciting as I haven’t visited home for a long time due to Covid! Today I wanted to […]

Why Taking A Holiday Can Improve Your Business – Podcast Episode 65


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  Now that Dancing CEO is over and the whirlwind of raising nearly $40,000.00 for women and children in domestically violent homes, I am turning my energy to the Scalable Business Lounge. The Scalable Business Lounge is the exact place to come for support and guidance as to how to scale your law firm to […]

Why Doing A Profile Test Can Help You In Your Business – Podcast Episode 64


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  This week on the Being Unstoppable podcast, we dive into the three mistakes business owners make when growing their team. The reality is that you are only one person, and you can only do so much yourself – your time is limited. If you want to scale your business beyond your hours, you will […]

The Three Mistakes People Make When Trying To Grow Their Team – Podcast Episode 63


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  Today in the poddy, we discuss what the signs are when it is time to let go of ideas that no longer serve you or your business! In business and life, there are times where we start something, and then we hang onto it, yet it actually doesn’t serve us or propel us forward. […]

How To Know That It Is Time To Let Go Of Old Ideas – Podcast Episode 62

The E-myth book for business


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  This podcast episode is a MUST LISTEN if you are in business, interested in business, or starting your own business; I promise this will be worth your while.  When I was in my early twenties, I was fortunate enough to go to a business event in Auckland, New Zealand, run by Brad Sugars – […]

The Business Book That Changed My Life and Built My Business – Podcast Ep 61

Business, Law Life

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When it comes to retaining your ideal clients in your law firm, how do you go about it?I have grown my law practice from a solo law firm to a thriving team of fourteen using three marketing funnels. Yes, three! I believe that we should not rely on only one source of traffic, which is […]

The Three Marketing Funnels You Need In Your Law Firm

Caralee Fontenele unstoppable podcasts


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    Today on the Being Unstoppable Podcast, we are talking all things – PAID TRAFFIC!  In particular, we will be talking about Google AdWords and Facebook Ads. Just a disclaimer, I am not a qualified expert in this area, but I have been running Google Ads for about ten years, and I have been […]

Google Ads VS Facebook Ads, What’s The Difference? – Podcast Episode 60

Caralee Fontenele Instagram Feeds


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  Putting content on social media can be daunting, to say the least, and when it comes to being vulnerable and putting your true self out there, it can be debilitating! You worry about who might be listening, who might be judging, who might be watching, all sorts of fears creep in there! Then there […]

How Get Your Personality to Shine on Social Media – Podcast Episode 59

Social Media for lawyers

Business, Law Life

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You’ve tapped into the calling that you’re meant for something bigger, that is why you are here!You have decided that you want to be on the path of having unstoppable success in your law firm and a life you love!Honestly, that’s more than most people do in a lifetime! So take a minute to celebrate […]

Putting Yourself Out There As A Lawyer

LinkedIn flat lay

Lifestyle, Podcast

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Do you find LinkedIn overwhelming? Perhaps you are unsure of how you want to brand yourself or how to connect with the correct audience? Listen up to the latest poddy episode on how I break down the best tips and tricks to ensure you take full advantage of LinkedIn to build your brand and to […]

Building Your Brand on LinkedIn – Podcast Episode 58

blue lemon

Business, Law Life

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Often as lawyers, we view LinkedIn as only valuable if you are an employed solicitor and want to keep your options open for other legal positions. We all know that it is a great platform for recruitment, but can firm owners use LinkedIn for attracting clients and growing their business.Many lawyers tell me they find […]

Why Lawyers Should Be on LinkedIn

Coffee and Social Media

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  Today on the Being Unstoppable Podcast, we are joined by the incredible Melanie Miller from The Profit Lovers! Melanie is passionate about influencing females to control their finances and see the unsexy side of women in business! Melanie teaches women how to create Profitable, Livable, Loveable businesses (without fear or guilt). During the podcast, […]

The Unsexy Side of Business with Melanie Miller from The Profit Lovers! – Podcast Episode 57

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