Better For Balance – What is Balance anyway?

As we look forward to International Women’s Day next week, there has been a lot of talk about the topic which is better for balance.

I have been given two amazing opportunities to speak at events next week, one for Society Events about Real Food Pledge and my life as a lawyer and how I keep ‘balance’ in terms of having a busy life while still cooking and eating healthily – the tickets for that are here, if you are interested a a High Tea at the Marriott on the Gold Coast. Yes please! The other event is The Queensland Women in Business Summit and I am speaking on ‘Balancing Business and Wonder Womanhood’. Well I am not sure about being Wonder Woman, but I do have what I would consider ‘balance’ given all of the things that I have going on in my life.

We hear about balance all the time, the need to have balance in our diets, in our home and work, in our lives in general. Previously I have never put much thought into what having balance actually means, so over the last few weeks as I am preparing for International Women’s Day and my speaking engagements, I have been considering a lot.

I have a super busy life, I love to work, I love being at home with the family, I love cooking, I love healthy food, but I also love unhealthy food sometimes, sailing and traveling are also things that spend lots of time doing. Is that balanced?

After giving it much consideration, I believe balance is quite simply is having happiness in your life. Peace, contentment and harmony are all part of that equation for me. Happiness rules, after all isn’t that what we are all seeking, just to be happy?!

My idea of business, family, home, diet, fun, work, play and life balance may be completely different from yours. You may think that I am nuts for all the projects that I have on go at a time, running my law practice at full speed, opening a second office, writing a new book, getting my podcast up and running, having a food blog and now a new online product for people who are going through divorce. But the truth is that doing all the things that I do, is where I find my happiness.

Ultimately if you are happy with your life, then you must have the right balance for you. Doing what you love and loving how you do it, is the key to living an balanced, extraordinary life.

‘Happiness is not a matter of intensity but of balance, order and rhythm and harmony’Thomas Merton.

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