Social media can be a sore point when going through a divorce or separation, triggering your emotions and making the separation or divorce that much worse. As a family law lawyer, I always advise my clients that it is best to stay away from social media. If that is not an option, consider using social media sparingly, and with the utmost attention to the type of content you post on your timeline.


6 Helpful Social Media Savvy Tips That Protects You During a Divorce:



Deleting / blocking your ex-partner is for the best now. Having them appear on your feed might send you into an emotional roller-coaster that we are trying to avoid. It would be for the best to minimise their presence on all of your social media platforms. Doing this will also help you when the time comes to move on. You will no longer have to worry about what they can see when you post because they will no longer be there.


Don’t use social media as a platform to vent . Venting about the relationship on social media will only cause problems while in the process of divorce or separation. Rather take a deep breath and occupy your mind with something else until you have calmed your emotions. It usually helps to do something practical, such as a walk to the park, spending time with your children or enjoying time with friends.


Consider how much you want your friends to know about your divorce or separation. Not all of your contacts need to know every detail. It might be wise to block specific individuals or your ex-partner’s friends from seeing your posts. This can be done quite easily by adding them to your ‘block’ list without them knowing it.

You and your ex-partner might have friends in common who still have access to your social media timeline. They can, and often will, inform your ex-partner of your activities or posts. Rather refrain from posting any content or photo’s that can be seen publicly during a divorce – especially since these can be used against you in divorce proceedings.


Keep your children out of it. Don’t pull your children into a post about your relationship breakdown; they are already going through enough with the separation or divorce.


It can be really tempting when you are hurting and searching for answers to turn to social media to see what your ex-partner is doing to fill their time, who they are with and what they are posting. This leads to you feeling worse in most cases and not better. It is then easy to jump to conclusions and make assumptions that life is rosy for them while you are slogging away in the pits of the break-up.

My advice is to simply stay in your own lane. Do not look at their social media because you will not find the answers that you are looking for and will just end up further hurt.


  • During your divorce you need support. A support network is essential and definitely helps to accelerate the healing process. If your friends do not understand what you are going through, consider finding individuals or a support network that will understand and who would be able to support you.
  • Forums and support groups are ideal. These kinds of forums give you a chance to speak with people going through the same situation and provides you with the opportunity to meet new people. Here you can vent in a non-judgmental zone and find some new ways to handle the situation.
  • At Divorce Hero we offer our members a private forum – Reignite Your Life. This is a positive space about creating your new and exciting life ahead.

These six tips will help you during or after your divorce or separation. Using social media wisely and sparingly during this time will significantly accelerate the negotiation process so that you can move on to bigger and better things.



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