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Welcome back! In this week’s podcast, we will be speaking to one of my American friends to discuss… 

I have wanted Jasmine on my podcast because she is the most positive person I have ever come across and I was inspired to share her positivity with you guys.  

Jasmine used to work in HR and left to create cookbooks which is probably why we have such an amazing connection! Jasmine is motivated to create wellness in women who often overlook it and has a passion to create a new perspective and how we create external reality through our thoughts.  

A little while back, I saw that Jasmine had posted an amazing concept on ‘5 Ways to Elevate your Frequencies’ to which I was inspired and interested in the concept and is what we will be diving into today.  

To elevate your frequency is something you need to learn, experience and embody for yourselves, it is something that must be practiced.

We will start, in scientific terms, we are constantly emitting energy and producing energy to which is a fact. If we are yelling and sending angry thoughts, actions and vocals into the universe we are ultimately emitting anger into the world. Let’s put it in an analogy: If you were in a room, closed-off room but then all of a sudden, a rock concert jumps into this empty room and automatically makes the frequencies seem loud, energetic and exciting.

Okay, so if you were to then quickly remove that rock concert and all the evidence that it happened – you would ultimately still feel as though something had taken part in that room. That elevated frequency will be evident.

Therefore if you were to take the same room and something somber was occurring, perhaps a group of people crying, grieving and mourning to which it was quickly taken away and then walk back into, you would absolutely feel that frequency in your body and throughout your energy.  

There is a variety of sensory actions to which we feel people’s emotions, whether that be posture, speech or facial expressions, you will pick up these frequencies.   

woman in the field

Now onto the steps!  

1. Step outside and take 5 deep breaths.  

To elevate your frequency take yourself outside and take 5 deep breaths.  

This may be necessary if you sense a frequency of fear, anxiety or stress, ultimately our breathing is the first signal to our body that we have picked up certain energy and we don’t feel comfortable or happy. This is an action of physically changing your frequency, try it next time you feel anxious or similar energy, take 5 deep breaths through the nose, into the belly and slow things down. Take a moment to process, and then let go.   

2. Serve, support and love others 

Whenever we have a negative emotion, it is based on where our attention is.  So, we can instantly switch that by serving, supporting and loving others and elevating our frequency as whatever energy we are putting into the universe is what we will receive back. Just as if we were to be focused on the negative aspects of situations or focus on the sadness in life, we will eventually be negative and sad, and so will the people around us? For example, if you start your day negatively and you focus on the negative emotion, by the end of the day you would not have developed into a better frequency as you were focusing on your negative morning. If you base your attention on serving, supporting and loving then you will find more love, more support and more people who are willing to help as they will be matching your frequencies. With that being said, you will attract those types of humans as you are giving what you will receive.   

The more you become aware of your frequency, the less tolerance you will have of your vibration being lowered. Your vibe attracts your tribe! 

Tips to help people around you elevate their frequencies if they are negative:  

  • Give them the opportunity to just speak and relay their emotions, without interruptions. Go into the conversation with only love, without wishing they would change or without wishing they could just feel happier, but just let the person explain.  
  • Set boundaries for yourself, if this person is not willing to change, it is vital to still love this person but with boundaries that will ensure we do not think like this person.  
  • Set an example, lead with a positive mindset and implement different things around this person to ensure you are rising your energy, and then often that person will follow.  

3. Write down 10 things you are grateful for.  

Negative thoughts multiplied by gratitude equals positive thoughts.  If and when we can be grateful for where we are right now, we start to realize that everything prior to now was happening for us as we are grateful for what we have. This means that before right now (for which we are grateful for) was created by our own thoughts and actions, therefore we can create our future reality as we only have evidence that it does work!  

4. Tap into your creativity and have FUN with it!  

Thinking of something that doesn’t exist right now, and creating it! Maybe it is art, or a thought, an idea that you have wanted to either start or finish. Tapping into that creativity will elevate your frequency because your attention and your thoughts are based on something that doesn’t exist yet. This is huge for those of you who may think “this doesn’t apply to me because I am not creative,” as creativity does not always mean that you need to know how to paint, or actually physically creating something – this is not the limit to creativity! You can tap into your own creativity even by sitting in silence, and create your own thoughts! Create new perspectives, or create your future by writing down your 6-month goals – this is creativity!  

Everyone can create, we just all create in different mediums.  

 5. Reduce the consumption of social media to trusted and informative sites (Especially now!)  

Set boundaries, know when something you are reading on your devices if an article picture or video is lowering your vibration and take this as a cue to attempt one of the above steps to activate your happy energy again! What we are consuming is creating our thoughts so it is ultimately creating your future.  With advertisements these days all through social media, often we can be consuming things we don’t even choose to consume, they are just there and popping up all the time! Often, social media can actually elevate your frequencies and actually make you feel amazing!  

  • Try joining different groups that make you feel good, and something you are interested in, cooking groups, well-being groups, cat groups! Anything! This can be a way to socialize and also concentrate on things you enjoy throughout your feed. 
  • Unfollow those Instagram/Facebook accounts that you find to make your vibration lower, even a tiny but – say peace out and move on!  

Tip to avoid being consumed through social media on COVID-19  

  • We cannot change what is happening in the world, however, we can change the solution by doing the recommended things. There are the facts of what is happening which are important to be reading, however, it is more important as to how we react to those posts.  
  • Use the information, to grow and impact others and use your perspective rather than feeling  
  • Implement one of the above steps to help to utilize those negative thoughts as cues, as a gratitude alarm! 
  • Think back to a time in your life where you felt happy, excited and calm and you will find your body will replicate that for some time. Find a way to replicate happiness, you can read a feel-good book, watch a funny movie or even look back at old family photos. You can instantly duplicate your gratitude.  

Remember to Stop, Drop and Gratitude!  

To find Jasmine and to find some new perspectives jump over to one of her amazing Instagram Accounts – @thethoughtguide @jazzythings and @yourdinnerisplanned 

These are awesome accounts to follow to ensure your frequency is elevated!  

Have the best day!

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