The Start of My Meditation Journey

Over the past six months or so, there have been so many cues in my life that have told me that I need to meditate. One person after another that I have worked with has told me how meditation has been amazing in their life and that I should do it.

My thoughts…. Yeah, yeah, sitting still for that long, what a waste of time!

During 2018 I engaged a phycologist in my law practice take our team through his program called ‘Mindfulness for Lawyers’. It was a wonderful experience and I learned new skills around breathing and mindfully working through stress and emotions for myself, my team and our clients, who of course are all in highly stressful situations as they go through a divorce. At the end of the year’s training, we all had to write a letter to ourselves as to what we would implement over the next twelve months.

I wrote to myself and read it aloud to my team, that I would start to practice meditation, really not knowing anything about meditation at all. Guess what I did…. Didn’t start! It was just words. Maybe you can relate?

Then this year I have spoken at a few events, to prepare, I went to an amazing woman Lisa Lachlan Bell for voice coaching. Lisa not only an amazing voice coach, businesswoman, and mother, but she is also a master meditator. Over time she spoke to me about meditation and so it was tapping me on the shoulder again.


In April this year, I engaged a gorgeous lady Michelle Matangi for some coaching around mindset and food (because it is a life long journey to better ourselves and I most certainly don’t have all the answers.) Much to my surprise and maybe disappointment, the first change that she wanted to make was to start meditation on a daily basis.

That was enough of the universe whispering to me that I should try the practice of meditation. Sometimes, you have to listen!

So, I started, every-day with a 10 to 15-minute guided meditation. My first introduction was with Meegan Care’s Podcast. Click here to find her guided meditations.

Every bone in my body RESISTS for some reason.

You see, being a lawyer (driven by solutions) and a practical doer type, it makes it hard for me to get my head around the benefits and purpose of meditation, not to mention the fact that you have to sit and be with your thoughts.

I had a conversation with Lisa yesterday, where she encouraged me that meditation is the right path for me, to connect with myself and gain insights and growth in all areas of my life. She backed up everything that Michelle has been telling me about meditation. I now understand the purpose and I am ready to embrace the journey.

I am going to continue to give updates as to how my meditation journey is going because I can’t be the only person who needs to give themselves some self-care through meditation but struggles with the concept or wonders how it can benefit.

We are not all mother earth types, but I do believe that to really make positive changes in our lives and level up, we have to work on ourselves. I am looking forward to seeing where my daily practice of meditation takes me. Maybe you can follow along and join in.

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