Episode 5: 12 Tips to Negotiate an Amicable Outcome with Your Ex-partner

Most people after separation, just want the divorce process to be over and done with as soon as possible. They don’t want it to be a long drawn out fight and understandable most don’t want the divorce process to cost a ton! When you find yourself in the position of going through separation, it can be really difficult to know what to do next. Not every separation needs to be dramatic where you end up in a court process. Having a ugly divorce, can be avoided if both parties can keep an open mind and communicate respectfully. Imagine if you could resolve your family law matter amicably?! This is the best outcome for everybody, the parties, their families and of course the children.

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On this weeks Divorce Confidential Podcast I share with you, 12 tips that may help make your separation and negotiations more amicable.

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