Last week was super busy and exciting, with all of the International Women’s Day celebrations.  I was invited to speak at two amazing events including the Qld Women in Business Summit, this was such an honour. I spoke about ‘Balancing Business and Wonder Womanhood’. The title of the speech was given to me and initially I was thinking ‘why did the even organiser want me to talk about ‘Wonder Woman.’

I certainly don’t consider myself a wonder woman, but after I researched Wonder Woman, I realised that her and I had a few things in common. Today, I am here to remind you, that you also have more in common with Wonder Woman than you may think.

I actually didn’t know anything about Wonder Women, apart from that she looks super-hot in a leotard and is a comic super hero, so I was surprised to find out more about her history.

Wonder Woman was created by psychologist William Moulton Marston in 1941. When he created this comic he said, it was meant to chronicle “a great movement now under way—the growth in the power of women.”

Marston believed that female leadership was necessary in a world that at that time was drowning in masculine hate and violence as Wonder Woman was created during WWII.

At the time wonder women represented the evolving female, one who wasn’t limited by what men had forced them to be, but rather one who was a free and independent spirit.

She is also fearless, strong, curious, compassionate and has self-belief.

Don’t you just love her! I do and I think that we can all aspire to strengthen those traits in ourselves, especially through times of adversity such as separation and divorce.

As you move through your separation and divorce, you will most certainly be challenged, but during this  time of transition, it is a great opportunity to transform and grow in ways that you have never done before. You will have to make some big decisions, on your own, for yourself. These are brave moves forward that will take your courage and strength. Your independent spirit will have time to soar. You can start to be fearless in creating the future that you have always wanted, curious to what lays ahead for you and your self-belief can be established.

You cannot grow if you are never challenged, going through separation and divorce is a time of true personal growth and that is something that you will in time, be grateful for.


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