Thinking of style, the first thing that pops into my mind is clothes.  Not all of us are as knowledgeable about fashion and that is OK. But why is it even important to have a style and to be thinking about it when you are going through a divorce, let alone going to all the trouble to “finding” one?

Your personal style defines who you are and sometimes when we are going through a bug transition in life, we need to find ourselves again.  When you walk into a room or meet people, it is the first impression that will last.  It is the physical appearance of your traits and characteristics and all that makes you unique. Because you are going through a huge transition, it can be a great time to change it up, improve and to really be who you are. 

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Don’t worry; you won’t have to permanently trot around in mile-high stilettos!  Style can be seen as your personal signature.

So how do I find my style?  There are some basic guidelines to help you with this journey.  And remember, even if you don’t adore clothes shopping, you can still have a nice style.


Invest in a small notebook you can use as your style journal.  Also see if you can get hold of one, two or a few fashion magazines. Pinetrest is another great free resource so work out what you like and don’t like.


Use the wonderful Google search engine and find out what you look like, what is your body shape and what suits your shape best.  Are you hourglass shaped, pear shaped, apple shaped, etc.? Being armed with the knowledge simplifies everything.


What are your favourite colours?  Usually, the colours you like are (most of the time) are the colours best suited for your skin.  It has a nice tendency to enhance your features such as your eye’s or hair colour.


Our taste in things tend to change and adopt a bit over time and as we go through the various cycles and changes in life.  But 90% of the time, we are who we are. Sit back and do a quick think. Which words best describe you. Are you casual? Classic? Modern?  Try to pinpoint three words that best describe you. This can help you to determine what your style is. 


Ever heard people say, “Those are her clothes, but not her size…”  This is very important to remember. I know many ladies who buy pretty clothes that don’t quite fit properly, either to large or too small. When we buy clothes that are too large for us because we don’t feel confident in showing off our body, it can make us appear so much larger than we are. Be honest.  Embrace who you are. Buy clothes that fit comfortably but also show off your amazing figure. 


There is nothing better than getting a fresh haircut. Maybe it is time to change it up, create a new look with a sharp cut, new colour or a bit of a wave. Having fabulous hair makes us feel and look amazing.


We have talked about goals a bit before.  Incorporate your style search with your goals.  If you want to focus on a possible career change, you might need to adapt your wardrobe a bit.  Especially if you need to go for an interview.

After all of life’s challenges and changes, especially through your divorce, finding your style can be a really fun thing to do for yourself.  It can be seen as a new adventure.

Please also remember, you don’t need to break the bank for this.  Make small changes. Adapt current clothes where you can or borrow some thrown out from friends and family. Op shopping is also loads of fun. 


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