At almost every single New Year’s party I have been, I find individuals who make the most beautiful New Year’s resolutions.  Come February, and the resolutions have been well forgotten.

Let’s talk a common language – a goal can roughly be described as a dream you want to achieve.  It is something that gives purpose and meaning to why you get up each and every day.


This is fantastic news, as most of us have beautiful dreams we want to achieve.  But first, make yourself a lovely cup of coffee, sit down and do this properly. For a goal to be successfully achieved, it needs to be successfully constructed.

During my second marriage came my déjà vu moment.  With my work experience in the law firm, I realised my passion for law and helping people as well as my need to become independent and be able to support myself and the kids.

Let’s break this down:

My dream was to become a lawyer and help people.  I did this by going to university and getting my law degree.  I am now qualified as a lawyer = goal achieved.

Goals are wonderful ways to organise and structure our lives.  It helps us to focus and work towards something. “How can we get anywhere if we don’t know where we want to go?”  

Goals will also unify your family circle – either just you/you and the kids / you, hubby and the kids.

Now that we have the basic “what’s” and “how’s” done, where do we start to build our goal?


What are your goals and dreams?  Who are they? Take a piece of paper and write down all that you want to achieve.  You can do one for yourself and one together with the family. Remember to focus on all areas of your life, e.g. career, health, education, etc.

And be very specific – instead of saying I want to be more active, how about saying I want to finish a 5km walk.  


When you are finished, go through your list again.  Decide when you want to achieve these big dreams of yours.  Indicate specific yearly / monthly time frames to these. E.g. you can search for a 5km walking / running event and put that event date as your goal date.

Try to pick a specific number of yearly goals you want to achieve in 2019.  If you have a ton of dreams for 2019, see which goals you can perhaps group together or achieve simultaneously.


Now that it is narrowed down a bit.  How will this be achieved? If you have specific goals, this makes the “how?” easier.  As per our example of the 5km above, you can download an exercise program from the internet.  


Also remember again – life happens.  Don’t be too strict on how you want to achieve your goals.  Work in a bit of flexibility. So if the day runs away from you, the kids forgot about due school projects and the home is in chaos, it does not mean the end.  Here you can perhaps swap around an exercise rest day for that day.


How does the old saying go…?  “How do you eat an elephant – bite for bite”.   Break your big dreams into smaller chunks, following the same principles above.  Reward and celebrate your achievements on each of these little goals. And, before you know it, your elephant has been eaten.  

Setting goals and achieving your dreams should be a fun and exciting adventure!  If you are a bit emotional at this point in time, you might not feel like taking giant steps or making big decisions.  Then start small – e.g. having a goal of setting up a veggie patch in your garden is a super idea.

Goals give us meaning and purpose in life – enjoy them!


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