Okay, okay I know that separation and divorce is not fun, I have been there myself and I help clients through this rocky part of their lives everyday. BUT the last thing that you need right now if to be visiting a lawyers office or a divorce website and it to be BORING, DRAB, DEPRESSING and full of images and are SAD!

All the family law or breakup websites that I have seen online can be so awful, full of typical images of a couple fighting or old dusty legal books and to be honest, I find it cliché, depressing and boring.

Guess what, separation and divorce is part of life, it is sad when it happens, but it is not who you are. Many people face this tragedy in their lives but I assure you it is just a phase in your life and life after separation and divorce can be better than you ever imagined. I want to help to make this process as easy, bright and positive as possible. That is why Divorce Hero there are fun colours and positive images, these are the things that I like to surround myself with.

There is an even better life for you after separation and divorce, it may not feel like it now but it comes in the end and amazingly, not too far in the distant future. In the meantime lets shine as much as possible and find the positives, as I truly believe there are positives in every situation.

This is not a space to get bogged down in the negative. It is a place to find real life, practical solutions that can help you to move on past and resolve your separation and divorce. My hope for you, is that you can as amicably as possible finalise your separation and divorce so that you can more on to the brighter future that you have ahead.

Healthy Divorce Lawyer is a place where you gain clarity and feel empowered during this confusing time. It offers you practical solutions, ideas and new skills so that you can move forward past this time as soon as possible.  So if we throw a little confetti and colour around the website, in the academy and on our social media, its because I want you to feel brighter, stronger and happier knowing that you are doing your best. Lets celebrates life’s wins and be grateful for the good that we have surrounding us despite our sometimes ugly circumstances.

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