1. Set up a new private email account and update all online subscriptions, notices and contact details;

2. Change all your existing passwords, even if you think your partner doesn’t know them;

3. Ensure that iCloud family sharing is turned off on all your devices;

4. Locate and place in a safe place your personal documents such as passport, birth certificate and marriage certificate;

5. Copy all of your photos and videos so that you can preserve your precious memories;

6. Inform yourself as much as possible of where you are at financially as a couple and take copies of all relevant documents;

7. If you have left the shared residence, redirect your mail to a safe destination in the interim;

8. Make sure that you have enough money put away so that you can meet important and urgent expenses in the short term;

9.Don’t over share on social media – keep in mind that it is a public place;

10. Do not discuss issues about your separation with your children, even your older or adult children;

11. If there is intimidation, threatening behaviour or violence towards you from your ex-partner, seek Police assistance and make an application for a Protection Order; and

12. Seek advice from a family law solicitor.

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