The truth is that many people going through a separation and divorce will not need to retain a family lawyer formally to act on their behalf and run their family law case. You may be surprised to hear that from a family lawyer, but it is true. Your circumstances, like many others, may be that you do not require a lawyer. If that is the case you are in the right place, because Divorce Hero is here to guide you on your journey to resolving your family law matter.

Can a family lawyer provide you with expert advice as you require it, take the heat out of your negotiations, ensure you get your entitlement and legally support you? Absolutely!

If you are savvy, and with appropriate guidance, you may be able to ‘do it yourself’ by conducting your own negotiations. Assuming you are savvy and your negotiations are successful, once you reach an agreement you can either finalise your matter yourself with Consent Orders or at that point go to a family lawyer to have your documents drafted and settled professionally. Either way this will save you a lot of money!

The purpose of the Divorce Hero is to give you guidance by arming you with the tools and information required to resolve your family law matter. With these tools you will improve your knowledge of your entitlements and obligations, and increase your understanding of processes, enabling you to make clearer and more beneficial decisions, ultimately resolving your matter.

Understandably, going to a family lawyer is a last resort for many people. The Divorce Hero was created with this in mind. However, in some cases there is a circumstance or event, or a combination of circumstances or events, that make it necessary and beneficial to have an experienced family lawyer on your side.

Self-representing throughout negotiations and upon entering in to Consent Orders is vastly different to being a self-represented litigant in the Family Court or Federal Circuit Court of Australia. For some, their circumstances and financial resources will mean becoming a self-represented litigant is the only option. However, if it is at all avoidable we highly recommend against being a self-represented litigant in Court proceedings.

Even if you are capable of running your family law matter without a lawyer, there are some signs to keep in mind as to when you may need to retain a lawyer.


  1. There is, or has been, domestic violence;
  2. There is, or has been, control, financially or otherwise;
  3. You feel, or have felt, coerced and/or threatened;
  4. After you have signed up to the Divorce Hero and perused all the resources, you are still very unclear where you stand;
  5. You or the other party are too emotional and are unable to negotiate;
  6. Your ex-partner will not co-operate or engage in any negotiations, and you are at a stale mate;
  7. Your ex-partner is unwilling to provide you with disclosure in circumstances where you have not had full knowledge of the financial position of each of you during the relationship;
  8. Your matter becomes urgent with legal issues that need to be dealt with by the Court immediately. Examples of theses are child abduction, child relocation, children in a unsafe environments, allegations of sexual abuse or family violence concerning a child, significant property or bank funds being transferred without consent, property being sold or businesses being dealt with in a underhanded manner.

Should any of the above arise, at any stage of your separation, seek advices from a lawyer specialising in family law.


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