Divorce Lawyer, Entrepreneur, Author & Wellness Advocate

A revolutionary family law solicitor, thought leader, director of a leading family law practice and author. Caralee has faced adversity of going through the life-changing experience of divorce. She has overcome many other challenges such as leaving school at a young age with no qualifications or career direction. Yet, she moved on, creating a better life for herself and her children. Caralee now loves to share her knowledge and empower others to thrive, revive and strive through life’s challenges as the healthy divorce lawyer.

caralee fontenele - divorce lawyer

My Journey Hasn’t Always Been Easy!

Hi. I’m Caralee.

Let me start by saying I love being in a healthy relationship, but it’s not always easy and it doesn’t always work out!

But the triumphs and challenges that life has thrown at me has made me appreciate the little things in life and I never take myself too seriously. I love what I do, running my business and helping people through the worst time in their lives is a privilege. Laughing with friends and family while enjoying delicious food are my favorite things.

I wasn’t always destined to be a divorce lawyer.

I grew up in New Zealand and left school with little education at sixteen years old and got married at a very young age. We moved to Australia, I had two little boys and helped my husband grow his business. By the time I was 27 years old I went through my first divorce (yes I have lived through the chaos of divorce more than once!). I was left financially dis-empowered as a single mum in Australia, with no work history or possible financial assistance as I was not an Australia citizen.

Just like most of my clients, regardless of their circumstances, I was scared of the unknown and I didn’t know what the path forward looked like.

My Ah Ha Moment

Still lacking confidence and feeling insecure, I met my second husband within a year. He was a charming character and he was a lawyer. I started working in his small law practice. One day I woke up with a thud, it had hit me that I was repeating my past. I was helping build another man’s business, supporting and nurturing his needs and not looking after my own future. Does this sound familiar to you?  I decided to take the opportunity to back myself and I went to university on a mission to become a divorce lawyer. I deeply connected and resonated with, helping others to reset and revive their lives through the challenge of separation and divorce.

Just as well I thought about my own future years before, because my marriage with the lawyer came to an end after 7 years. He was not so charming as it turned out.

Today I Am Thriving

Since then I have created my own law practice that I am very proud of, helping hundreds of people through separation and divorce each year. My passion for healthy living, wellness and striving to be your best, even during  moments of adversity has lead me to creating Real Food Pledge, offering recipes for busy people to feed their families and their soul.

While getting divorced was intensely challenging, looking back now, getting divorced was the best thing to ever happen to me. With first hand experience of going through divorce, co-parenting and having to revive my life, today I am able to fulfil my best life and help others do the same.

As a lawyer and someone who has been through divorce, I understand that not everyone can afford or wants to retain a lawyer. I get it! I am here to tell you that it is totally possible to finalise your separation and divorce yourself, but you need to be empowered with the right knowledge from the beginning. That is why I have created my online DIY Divorce Membership programme. For a fraction of the cost, I will guide you to thrive through your divorce and onto your new life ahead.


to live the life you want!

Thrive, Revive and Strive

Caralee Fontenele is passionate about empowering people going through break-ups to move through the process in a simple and healthy way. She has combined her legal skills as a family law lawyer, her own personal divorce experience and her passion for healthy living to create a unique programme to help anyone battling a break-up. 

As a family law solicitor, Caralee has successfully built and developed a leading law practice that focuses on separation and divorce. Through her work as a family lawyer, Caralee has seen that there are many people during their relationship break-down that want to resolve their matter as amicably as possible.